Maximizing Workplace Ergonomics: The Potential of Good Used Office Furniture

Ergonomics is an undeniably important part of today’s corporate landscape as it directly impacts employee health and productivity. While many companies correctly associate ergonomic solutions with prohibitively high costs, premium workplace solutions do not always have to come at the expense of the bottom line. Used office furniture is an often overlooked solution to the […]

A bright, spacious, modern office filled with chairs, cubicles, and filing cabinets from a used office furniture outlet near Philadelphia.

Creating a Professional Office With a Used Office Furniture Outlet

What sets professional offices apart from unprofessional ones? A professional office is clean and organized. It’s a place where people feel comfortable and productive, and where they can work together to achieve their goals. Don’t underestimate the role office furnishings play in creating a professional workspace. Buying from a used office furniture outlet can provide […]

Multiple employees are working diligently in a modern office with chairs from a used office supply store.

Sourcing Quality Office Chairs From a Used Office Supply Store

In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-paced business environment, even minor employee productivity and performance improvements can be critical factors in a business’s success or failure. With that said, any investment that increases employee productivity deserves attention. The humble office chair is perhaps the most overlooked yet essential everyday office tool. Read on to learn more about […]

A sleek, modern office with workspaces on the left and chairs surrounding a small table on the right.

Promoting Sustainable Business With Furniture Consignment in Philadelphia

One of the biggest trends in business over the last few years has been the move toward corporate sustainability. Companies in all industries invest in sustainable business practices, publish sustainability reports, and advertise their efforts to investors and customers.  As more businesses strive for sustainability, they commonly ignore the waste they produce by outfitting their […]