Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

Office Furniture Liquidation Sales Offer Incredible Variety and Value With Remarkable Benefits Quality Options that Meet Your Budget One common misconception about purchasing used office furniture is that the reduced cost means reduced variety and lower quality. In reality this couldn’t be much further from the truth. Commerce Office Furniture provides an incredible range of […]

Modern office filled with natural light, contemporary furniture, and moveable gray partition walls enclosing workspace.

Quality Used Office Furniture + 5 Design Options = Success

With the pandemic beginning to subside, many facilities and office managers are getting excited about helping prepare offices and workstations for the return of their employees. As employers adjust to different types of work models, such as hybrid and part-time work schedules—they are finding new ways to design workspaces for ultimate design appeal and functionality. […]

Three Things to Know About New and Used Office Furniture While Envisioning a Post-Pandemic World

The beginning of 2021 proved to be a strange time for many businesses (should they reopen—or not?). But, now with the COVID-19 vaccination underway and stimulus funds and grants circulating around the nation, companies are evaluating the next steps to reopening. And, many are planning when and how to bring their staff back, as well […]