Multiple employees are working diligently in a modern office with chairs from a used office supply store.

Sourcing Quality Office Chairs From a Used Office Supply Store

In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-paced business environment, even minor employee productivity and performance improvements can be critical factors in a business’s success or failure. With that said, any investment that increases employee productivity deserves attention. The humble office chair is perhaps the most overlooked yet essential everyday office tool. Read on to learn more about […]

Phone with Facebook Marketplace and the search bar open.

Used Office Furniture Near Me for Sale: Facebook Marketplace vs. the Professionals

When searching for “used office furniture near me for sale,” Facebook Marketplace has become the go-to platform for many people. From televisions to cars and everything in between, it is on the app.  With the rise of Facebook Marketplace, some businesses have turned to it for their used furniture needs. Although some good deals are […]

Cheap used office furniture in empty, open office space includes cubicles, desk chairs, and office tables.

Don’t Search “Cheap Used Office Furniture Near Me!”

Do you want to save money by furnishing your office space with pre-owned cheap or even free office furniture near you? Considering the cost of furnishing a corporate workplace, it’s a smart idea. But casually browsing the web for used workplace furniture deals isn’t the smartest strategy. If you’d searched Google from suburban Philadelphia, PA, […]

A sleek, modern office with workspaces on the left and chairs surrounding a small table on the right.

Promoting Sustainable Business With Furniture Consignment in Philadelphia

One of the biggest trends in business over the last few years has been the move toward corporate sustainability. Companies in all industries invest in sustainable business practices, publish sustainability reports, and advertise their efforts to investors and customers.  As more businesses strive for sustainability, they commonly ignore the waste they produce by outfitting their […]

Sleek, modern office furnished with reception desk, conference table, and office chairs from a used office furniture outlet.

How a Used Office Furniture Outlet Can Upgrade Your Workplace

Increasingly, workers in the U.S. are heading back to the office.  Nearly three years after the COVID lockdowns of 2020 began, average office occupancy rates in 10 major American cities reached 50% of pre-pandemic levels. If more of your company’s employees are going back to the office, it may be time for you to go […]

Spacious and modern corporate workspace furnished with high-quality resale office furniture including tables and chairs.

How Office Furniture Resale Can Be Key to Your Managerial Success

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more managers feel burned out. But finding high-quality workplace furniture for your office shouldn’t add to your stress. Buying office furniture resale instead of new is one way to free yourself up to focus on more pressing responsibilities. It can also prove a key to success in […]

Cheap used furniture—comfortable desks and chairs—from quality used furniture outlet fills well-lit, hardwood floor office space.

Make Cheap Used Furniture a Key to Your Business’ Success

Have you considered how cheap used furniture in your office could also contribute to your success?  Buying furniture is a necessary overhead for any business working out of an office. But savvy office and facilities managers realize that no rule dictates all those desks, chairs, cubicles, conference tables, and more must be brand-new.  Startups in […]

Modern Office Cubicles: 5 Factors to Consider When Buying

Office cubicles are an important part of the workplace and can dictate the entire flow and style of the office space. Therefore, purchasing the right cubicles is essential in creating the workplace your employees need.  However, a quick Google search for “office cubicle” returns over 26 million results, showing just how many options you have. […]

Modern executive office with large windows and light wooden desk.

Designing Executive Offices for Less with Used Executive Office Furniture

Executive offices are a vital way to incentivize top performers. The right office space is often an excellent reward for the employees who sacrificed enough time to rise through the ranks. Indeed, a study by Harvard found that 60% of employees in executive roles work over 72 hours per week, which is more than double […]