Modern office cubicle workstations with lower gray panels in a contemporary office.

Seven Doubts About Office Cubicles You Should Clarify

Office managers, move consultants, and other individuals tasked with moving and/or designing office space, may express doubts when it comes to the benefits of cubicles and panel systems. At Commerce Office Furniture, we help countless companies create office cubicle designs to accommodate their unique business needs and set them up for success. Squashing Seven Doubts […]

An empty modern office houses blue-paneled used office cubicles for liquidation.

Three Reasons NOT to be a Chicken About Investigating Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

Whether you are the office cubicle liquidator or the beneficiary of liquidated office cubicles—you both win! When move consultants and office managers are in need of used office cubicles liquidation services, whether for removal or acquisition, Commerce Office Furniture provides reliable, convenient options at affordable prices.  COF Rules the Roost When it Comes to Used […]

A modern office loft with brick and exposed industrial design shows a common meeting table area with matching chairs.

Pull Off These Five Office Design Trends with Resale Office Furniture

Office manager challenge: you must fill an entire office, following the latest trends…using only resale office furniture…and on a budget! Rather than running for the hills, take a trip to Commerce Office Furniture instead. When New Jersey and Pennsylvania area office managers search “used furniture stores near me,” they turn to the expertise of COF […]

Looking for Office Supplies Near Me? COF is Your Solution!

“Find office supplies near me, now!” It’s a phrase many office managers have declared (or maybe yelled), depending on the circumstances. Whether faced with building a new office from the ground up, tasked with a redesign, or simply focused on revamping a certain section of the office, office managers typically have a tall order to […]

A modern office features an open concept with several desks facing the window and a bike leaning on the reception desk.

Five Taboos About Used Office Furniture Store You Should Never Share

Social media is famously notorious as a platform for sharing opinions and ideas. However, just because you read something on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t mean it’s always true (or helpful and valuable)! Although used office furniture may appear to be a fairly unassuming topic, as with any subject matter, fact can become mingled with fiction.  […]

A modern office space reveals individual workstations with plenty of natural lighting and modern light fixtures.

How Quality Used Furniture Can Improve Productivity in the Office

When an office or facilities manager searches for a “quality used furniture store near me,” the first thing that comes to mind may not necessarily be improving office productivity. While it’s becoming a more widely known fact that quality used furniture is often a more affordable way to furnish an office, additional benefits may not […]

Shopping Shortcuts for Preowned Office Furniture (The Easy Way!)

Shortcuts are everywhere — you can find them on walking trails, in CliffsNotes, and even on certain keys on your laptop. So why should preowned office furniture be any different? At Commerce Office Furniture, we don’t think it should be! With more than 30 years of experience in helping office and facilities managers shop for […]

An attractive female employee walks by a sleek desk in a modern office; a male employee sits at a desk in the background.

How Much Do You Know About Used Office Furniture?

Office managers know their logistics. Most can recite, on-demand, the number of employees in the office, how many workstations are needed, when the next office supply shipment arrives, and more. But, when it comes to the benefits and advantages of used office furniture, how do office and facilities managers measure up in their knowledge? We […]

Modern office conference room with a large wooden table, white chairs and a blue carpet.

Five Ways a Used Furniture Store Can Benefit Your Company

A company’s workspace sets the tone for the success of its employees. When looking to furnish your office, be sure to take a look at your used furniture store options to find the best fit for your employees and your budget. At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer high-quality products in near-impeccable condition, for unbeatable prices.  […]