Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

Five Doubts About Office Cubicles You Should Clarify

Urban legends and myths have become an integral component of American culture. While perhaps not as common as the idea of a hook-wielding mythical man and other prevailing legends, there are several doubts and legends surrounding office cubicles—from used office cubicles liquidation to the constrictive, oppressing nature of cubicles. We’re here to clarify fact from […]

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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Office Cubicles

Let’s face it; cubicles and panel systems have faced their share of scrutiny, particularly in the last decade when open-office concepts have become more mainstream. Yet, as studies and insider perspectives yield more information regarding how workers really feel about office cubicles, scrutiny gives way to support and approval. Office cubicles are seeing a resurgence in […]

Used Office Cubicles

Meet Us in the (Modern) Middle with Used Office Desks and Cubicles

In a recent study, over half of American workers reported an inability to work in a group setting without interruption. While open-space, collaborative work environments have been touted as “the workspace of the future,” the facts support desires and needs that frame a different opinion. Although there are many positives to collaborative workspaces, leasing agents, […]

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Five Advantages of Used Office Cubicle Desks That Leasing Agents Appreciate

If you happen to be a leasing agent, property manager or occupy a role in the office market in King of Prussia, there is an incredible resource available to help companies increase productivity, save money and create a seamless, attractive environment. Used office cubicle desks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary, ergonomic-minded businesses […]

Used Office Cubicles

Who Knew Used Office Cubicles Are the Future? Hint: We Did!

The nature of entrepreneurship– whether small businesses, startups or a combination of the two– is changing, and so are the spaces in which they all choose to congregate. Out of 27 million Americans, approximately 14 percent started or were already running a new business in 2015–a record high! At the time, self-employed businesses were projected […]

3 Upcycling Methods Used Office Furniture Philadelphia Businesses Can Try

Used Office Furniture Philadelphia Facilities Managers Trust What other priorities are at the top of the list for the modern-workspace employee, aside from high-quality coffee, the latest technology, and ergonomic design? You might be surprised, as many also value the resurgence and popularity of cubicles, more open workspaces, and collaborative employee work environments. Learn how […]

Used Office Furniture Liquidation is Contributing to the Future of Innovation

Innovative Application and Conceptualization of Used Office Furniture Liquidation There has never been a better time to take advantage of used office furniture liquidation. Why? The answer resides with a new generation of employees–the millennials. It’s projected that, by 2020, millennial workers will comprise half of the global workforce. With more millennial-mindset employee trends taking […]