Cheap used furniture—comfortable desks and chairs—from quality used furniture outlet fills well-lit, hardwood floor office space.

Make Cheap Used Furniture a Key to Your Business’ Success

Have you considered how cheap used furniture in your office could also contribute to your success?  Buying furniture is a necessary overhead for any business working out of an office. But savvy office and facilities managers realize that no rule dictates all those desks, chairs, cubicles, conference tables, and more must be brand-new.  Startups in […]

Modern Office Cubicles: 5 Factors to Consider When Buying

Office cubicles are an important part of the workplace and can dictate the entire flow and style of the office space. Therefore, purchasing the right cubicles is essential in creating the workplace your employees need.  However, a quick Google search for “office cubicle” returns over 26 million results, showing just how many options you have. […]

Modern executive office with large windows and light wooden desk.

Designing Executive Offices for Less with Used Executive Office Furniture

Executive offices are a vital way to incentivize top performers. The right office space is often an excellent reward for the employees who sacrificed enough time to rise through the ranks. Indeed, a study by Harvard found that 60% of employees in executive roles work over 72 hours per week, which is more than double […]

Modern white office with marble floors and lots of diffused lighting.

Cheap Used Office Chairs: Is Expensive Office Furniture Worth it?

In the office furniture world, there is a considerable spread in the prices of equipment. Some chairs retail for under $50, while other chairs are well over $1000 per piece. Similarly, some office desks are a fraction of the price of their premium counterparts.  How can one piece of furniture cost much more than another […]

Modern office with white walls and plenty of natural light through the wall-to-wall windows.

Fostering Better Employee Relationships With Resale Office Furniture

Employees are the heart and soul of a business and the boots on the ground that handle the vital day-to-day tasks that make a business run. Without them, a company would cease to function at even the most basic level.  Given the employees importance to a business, employees and employers should attempt to maintain thriving […]

Modern office with white corner desks and red office chairs.

Pre-Owned Desks: What Desk Type Fits Your Workplace Needs?

At face value, an office desk is a simple piece of furniture–a few legs, a flat surface, and bingo! However, choosing an office desk for your workspace is more complex than going to the nearest office store and picking one randomly. There are a vast number of styles and features that can add value to […]

Spacious office with wooden floors and large windows furnished with tables and chairs purchased from used office furniture outlet.

3 Advantages a Local Used Office Furniture Outlet Offers

Opening up a new office? Rethinking or rearranging an existing one in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Whatever the circumstances in your physical workspace, people working there need furniture. Whether you’re looking for only a few pieces or are furnishing your space from scratch, a used office furniture outlet offers several advantages.  Here are […]

Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit an Office Liquidation Sale

Office furniture is an essential part of creating a work environment that fosters productivity, focus, and creativity. With the proper workspace, employees can be more productive or more distracted than ever. Read on to discover how taking advantage of an office liquidation sale can help you elevate your office on a budget. Getting the Quality […]

The Office Furniture Industry’s Best-Kept Secret: Used Business Furniture

While creating a productive work environment for your employees is undoubtedly vital, it is easier said than done. Manufacturers of high-quality office furniture know their worth to a business. With their goods, companies can perform at a higher level and are willing to pay a premium. For many businesses, shelling out five figures on office […]