How B2B Companies Can Take Full Advantage of Used Office Cubicle Liquidation

Used office cubicle liquidation offers a major benefit to B2B companies seeking to decommission quality furniture. For B2B facilities managers in need of used cubicles, however, the liquidation process offers even more perks. Find out how used office cubicle liquidation can save buyers on time, money, logistic issues, and more. Five Benefits of Used Office […]

Seven Reasons Employees and Business Owners Like Office Cubicles

Who favors cubicle and panel systems over other types of workspace layouts, and why? While you might consider corporations as the prime entities selecting office workstations cubicles, B2B companies, start-ups, and small businesses are among the top cubicle system purchasers. Find out why businesses win with used cubicles, creating more modern and effective workstations in […]

How Cubicles for Offices Can Increase Your Profit

Hold your stapler! Cubicles for offices can increase business profits!? In a recent study of 700 office employees, 54% reported that their open office environment was too distracting. While additional studies confirm higher rates of distraction within open-office layouts, there are additional issues that ought to be addressed. As it turns out, the reintroduction of […]

Seven Features of Used Cubicle Customization That Everyone Will Love!

“That’s one of the coolest cubicles I’ve ever seen!” Huh? Since when are cubicles “cool”? As it turns out, used cubicle customization is all the rage. And, with the latest research, it makes sense why. Open office systems and spaces devoid of privacy are impeding productivity. The lack of individual space also removes a necessary […]

Five Factors to Consider While Searching for Used Office Cubicles for Sale

Whether a property manager is filling a new space or is reorganizing an existing space, there are several things to consider when reviewing a selection of used office cubicles for sale. For example, what are the particular needs of the business environment and culture? What budget parameters are in place? These questions are worth investigating […]

New Vs. Used Vs. Refurbished For Your Office?

Is there a difference between used and refurbished office items? The answer may not be as clear cut as you think. What is certain is used and refurbished office equipment and furniture have the potential to save money. These choices provide top-quality, brand name staples for an office environment and help you as a business […]

The Cost of Used Office Cubicles Is Far Less Than You Think

What’s the cost of used office cubicles? At Commerce Office Furniture, we frequently receive this question. The answer requires us to analyze how open floor plans directly reflect a company’s culture and directives. As it turns out, there may be a greater price to pay for not considering cubicles for your workplace. Weighing the Cost […]

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Modernize Your Office With Used Office Cubicles and Cubicle Clusters

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” — Stephen King While this quote may apply to literature, fashion, and other cultural categories, can we say the same for office furniture? Believe us when we respond, yes. The office cubicle is new again; rather, it is being utilized in new, productive, cost-effective ways. Learn how […]

Seven Reasons Office Managers Love Pre-owned Office Furniture and Equipment

Whether you are running a startup or preparing to celebrate 50 years of business, don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money, time, and a significant ROI. Did you know that purchasing pre-owned office furniture equipment has the potential to reduce your spending, provide you more office items for less money, and produce a […]