Five Secrets About Office Furniture in Philadelphia That Nobody Will Tell You

Commerce Office Furniture (COF) is nationally recognized as one of the top leaders in offering quality used office furniture, but there are still a few secrets we have up our sleeves. Rather than remaining a best-kept secret, we want our customers to know what’s available to them. When our customers search for used office furniture […]

Seven Reasons Why You Should Invest in Pre-owned Office Furniture

For many businesses hit hard by the pandemic, being strategic with budgetary needs is more important than ever. And, what about newer small businesses and startups who are just beginning? They often have tight financial restraints, regardless of a worldwide pandemic. Yet, despite the desperate need for cost savings, all businesses with an office need […]

Two coworkers wearing protective facemasks are socially distanced between work areas in a modern office.

Three Ways to Retrofit Used Office Furniture for Post-Pandemic Office Design

When trends for 2020 office design and layout emerged at the close of 2019 (and beginning of the year), no one could have predicted a worldwide pandemic would change the entire office-design landscape. But, as many recent publications have confirmed, the way office spaces are designed moving forward—not only in 2021 but beyond—will likely be […]

A female startup business owner makes a plan for office supplies near me to prepare for a new space.

Planning a Search for Office Supplies Near Me (for My New Business)

According to a recent article in Business News Daily, the average cost of a “hypothetical startup company,” is $184,830. This total includes rent, website, payroll (for five employees), advertising/promotion, and basic office supplies. If you notice, one key element is missing—furniture! As many seasoned office managers know, filling an office space with furniture can be […]

A modern office workstations cubicles grouping, back-to-back with desktop computers and black swivel chairs.

Rethinking Office Cubicles: (aka Desking and Benching Stations)

What if there was a local source for affordable used office cubicles and the talent to design custom cubicle workstations? Guess what? There is such a resource! At Commerce Office Furniture (COF), we offer a steady supply of new and used cubicles. And, our COF design experts will measure and survey your office space to […]

The Year of Used Cubicle Customization (And, Years to Come)

For too many reasons to list here, the year 2020 has largely been considered “a bust.” While most of us would not say this is “our year,” the cubicle differs. Not only is 2020 the year for used cubicle and used cubicle customization—many office spaces will likely continue to celebrate cubicles as a preferred office-design […]

A modern office features several cubicle-cluster workstations.

How Cubicles For Offices Can Increase Your Profit!

It used to be that cubicles were thought to squash moods and momentum in the office. Now,  they might just save your business! Really, save? While it may sound extreme, more studies are revealing the advantages of cubicles for offices—including one of the most important benefits: helping to increase productivity (and with it, profitability).  Three […]

A stand-alone, modern cubicle and panel system with a comfortable, black office chair.

Used Office Cubicles Liquidation is Lighting up Offices, Here’s Why!

Used office cubicles liquidation is lighting up offices and the interest of office managers like never before. When purchased brand new, cubicles can be costly. Used office cubicles, however, tell a different story and offer unique benefits. And, the advantages aren’t only available to office managers seeking cubicles, they are also open to businesses seeking […]

Two cubicle workstations side-by-side are separated by a yellow panel system, accompanied by white-rolling chairs.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Used Office Cubicles For Sale

Now is the time for you to know the truth about used office cubicles for sale: they may solve one of your employees’ most cringe-worthy issues. When open-workspace concepts first arrived on the scene, employees could not be more thrilled. Employers, office managers, and entrepreneurs were also excited. After all, it was a new trend […]