Cubicles are an essential part of many offices and can either be a detriment or an asset to their employees. 

Employees may feel cramped, claustrophobic, and unproductive with the wrong cubicle. For example, rows of decades-old cubicles rarely create an environment where current or prospective employees want to work. 

On the other hand, modern office cubicles can create a better, more efficient work environment. However, the high cost of such cubicles often prevents businesses from updating their workplace. In this blog, learn how Commerce Office Furniture solves your workspace problems with affordable modern office cubicles.

The Most Common Barrier to High-End Office Cubicles

Stylish, modern cubicles that put employees in the productivity zone have considerable benefits. However, achieving such a workplace is far from easy. 

The best high-end office cubicles are often from famous, well-known brands. Herman Miller, for example, offers some of the best selection of high-quality modern cubicles. However, that quality comes at a premium; they can range from thousands to tens of thousands depending on the model. 

With such a high cost of entry, many smaller businesses hesitate to make the investment. Even if the cubicles will continue to benefit the business for years to come, spending such a considerable amount of money is a hard decision. 

Finding Affordable Modern Office Cubicles

Balancing the form and function with the cost of purchasing cubicles is not easy. After all, cheaping out on office equipment will only lead to excessive wear, repair cost, and premature replacement in the future. 

To get high-quality office workstation cubicles for a much more reasonable price, we suggest that you consider the used cubicle market. You can buy lightly used, top-shelf cubicles and office furniture for a fraction of its MSRP with the right vendor.

When scanning the used office furniture market, we advise you to vet the companies you work with carefully. The last thing you want is to buy used furniture for its high quality to price ratio only to find that you purchased furniture that is already nearing the end of its useful life. That said, ensure that the business you source your furniture from is reputable and stands behind its products. 

Commerce Office Furniture: Your Modern Cubicle Solution

At Commerce Office Furniture, we are committed to providing you with the office furniture you need–including modern office cubicles–for the best price. We source furniture from top brands, including: 

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • Haworth
  • Teknion
  • Knoll
  • Allsteel

Not only do we carry a massive selection of quality products, but we also help you envision and install the furniture in your office. If you want to see what your workspace could look like with fresh office furniture, click here to take advantage of our free CAD drawings