Used office cubicle liquidation offers a major benefit to B2B companies seeking to decommission quality furniture. For B2B facilities managers in need of used cubicles, however, the liquidation process offers even more perks. Find out how used office cubicle liquidation can save buyers on time, money, logistic issues, and more.

Five Benefits of Used Office Cubicle Liquidation Every B2B Company Should Know

At Commerce Office Furniture, our used office cubicles liquidation services remedy several headaches associated with searching for affordable, functional, and attractive used office furniture.

Take a look at five ways taking advantage of used office cubicle liquidation can reduce relocation and merger pain points for facilities managers, property owners, and B2B businesses:

  1. Time-Saver

At COF, we routinely and efficiently work with corporate partners that have decommissioned furniture due to relocation, downsizing, or reorganization. This means our warehouses are stocked with ample, high-quality cubicles ready to fill office space. Facilities managers know they can receive the desired volume and consistency of used furniture without enduring the hassle of shopping around. Plus, they can wave goodbye to the added stress of having to make arrangements for delivery and installation.

  1. Cost-Cutter

A relocation, reorganization, or start-up scenario does not present the best occasion for extravagant spending. Used cubicles through liquidation can help cut overhead cost and keep you from going over the company budget. In addition to affordable, top-quality products, COF helps businesses save even more with free layout and CAD drawings.

  1. Cubicle Integrity

Not all used furniture companies are created equal. COF, however, is recognized as the national provider new and used office furniture. Our inventory includes nationally recognized and acclaimed brands such as Teknion, Knoll, Allsteel, Haworth, Kimball, Steelcase, and Herman Miller.

  1. Furniture Variety

One common misconception with used office cubicles the variety will be limited. This is not the case with our COF used cubicles inventory. Our rotating cubicle design options include modern office cubicles, office cubicles with doors, office workstations cubicles, and other types and styles. We truly aim to provide something for every company.

  1. Extra Options

When facilities managers consider the source of their office furniture, they look at the big picture—existing furniture removal, delivery, and installation of added or replacement furniture, and design/layout. At COF, we offer all of these options to ensure an efficient and timely experience.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Started

If you’ve been looking for used office cubicles for sale, soliciting the help of a national leader in used office cubicle liquidation, inventory, and delivery has never been easier. Commerce Office Furniture has been a nationally recognized leader in used office furniture for more than 30 years. We offer the most comprehensive and competitive resolution to all your office furniture needs, including used and new cubicles, desks, seating, tables, reception furniture, and more.

If you’re ready to learn more about used office cubicle liquidation or our other services, one of our Commerce Office Furniture experts can assist you with getting started right now!

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