What’s the cost of used office cubicles? At Commerce Office Furniture, we frequently receive this question. The answer requires us to analyze how open floor plans directly reflect a company’s culture and directives. As it turns out, there may be a greater price to pay for not considering cubicles for your workplace.

Weighing the Cost of Used Office Cubicles Against a Diverse Company Culture

The open floor plan office model has faced heavy scrutiny. It’s not the first time open workspaces have been chastised. Research often points to the same common denominators of work environments with open-desk seating, which lead to:

  • Lack of privacy
  • Increase of distractions
  • Reduction in productivity (due to the previously mentioned issues)

There is another, greater concern regarding damaging elements of open workspaces: the assertion that these type of environments “kill diversity and equality.”


Although an open floor plan can foster innovation and collaboration, the downside is that it can also create a wider divide. Separatism manifests as the result of a sort of “fishbowl effect.”

As it turns out, most open-space concepts are structured so that employees are in the proverbial fishbowl, while management is neatly tucked away in closed-door offices. This makes privacy (or lack thereof) even more precarious. Open floor plans may also make certain demographics—women and older populations, primarily—feel more self-conscious and concerned about appearances and behavior.

Bottom line: the necessity for employees to feel autonomous and a sense of equality in the office is well worth the reconsideration of an open floor plan.

How Do Used Office Cubicles Enter the Equation?

At COF, we help businesses to conceptualize a workspace plan that maximizes diversity, equality, functionality, and productivity. We do this by providing brand-name, quality furniture. Not only is the cost of used office cubicles a fraction of the price of new cubicles; our COF design experts also help to create a cubicle layout FREE of charge. This layout design provides balance and accommodates the particular needs of your workplace. We also offer delivery and installation services for your convenience.

We show facilities and property managers and business owners how cubicle clusters and workstations can eliminate separatism problems and encourage collaboration and camaraderie among employees. Our comprehensive inventory of used office cubicles allows for flexibility in the sizes, privacy options, and other features specific to the structural requirements of each space.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can save money and maximize the diversity and equality of your work culture and office space, contact our office here or give us a call at 610-650-9950.