A modern cubicle shows a green acrylic workstation panel and frosted acrylic workstation screen surrounding a white desk.

Over the last decade-plus, cubicle and panel systems have made a resurgence in the marketplace. As popular as open office floor plans have become, studies show they also invite certain challenges. Lack of privacy, continuous interruption, and lack of personal space have been some of the obstacles that cubicles have successfully remedied for many open workspaces.

And, there is yet another valuable function these office fixtures serve. Even before COVID-19, open office spaces elevated the opportunity for sickness to spread, and as a result, an increase in absenteeism.

Now, as the world continues to prioritize safety and social distancing, preserving a healthy workplace is more important than ever. And, Commerce Office Furniture is here to help make sure your working environment is protected and equipped!

Cubicle and Panel Systems for Employee Safety

With the nation remaining in a state of flux for the foreseeable future, social distancing has become a top priority. The workplace, in particular, can be a vulnerable environment for health and safety—even in the best of times.

One top-recommended strategy to ensure that your business promotes the best available health and safety practices during the present climate is social distancing.

The CDC recommends, “In workplaces where it’s not possible to eliminate face-to-face contact (such as retail), consider assigning higher risk employees work tasks that allow them to maintain a six-foot distance from others, if feasible.”

In a business office, new and used office cubicles and panel systems not only organically help separate employees, but they also come in design options that provide added protection. How? By offering maximum panel-height options.

At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer a variety of cubicle privacy panel configurations. Our tallest panel heights, for example, are 65 inches, 53 inches, and 42 inches.

Additional Options to Protect Your Workspaces

In addition to privacy panels, there are even more options that can be incorporated with new and used cubicles. As part of our COF social-distancing product line, we offer workstation screens. Not only can these screens be used as dividers between office workstation cubicles, but they’re also often made of acrylic, making them easy to clean and disinfect (another CDC recommendation for businesses).

Another popular social-distancing panel option is privacy wing panels. Like workstation screens, privacy wing panels can be used to separate cubicles and are easy to clean and disinfect. They can also be fixed or moveable, depending on the needs of your workplace.

Safety Shouldn’t Smash Your Budget

At COF, we offer used, quality, nationally-recognized cubicles and panel systems from brand names such as Teknion, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Knoll at prices you can afford.

To learn more about our social-distancing office cubicle and panel systems, schedule a consultation now. Or, call us for any questions at 610-650-9950.