Who favors cubicle and panel systems over other types of workspace layouts, and why? While you might consider corporations as the prime entities selecting office workstations cubicles, B2B companies, start-ups, and small businesses are among the top cubicle system purchasers. Find out why businesses win with used cubicles, creating more modern and effective workstations in the process

Seven Benefits of Cubicle and Panel Systems for B2Bs Around the Globe

While the open-workspace concept was once a hot trend, employers and employees are now embracing autonomy and privacy. Cubicles solve the problems of many of the negative issues presented by open work environments—lack of privacy, constant interruption, increase in absenteeism.

Read on to learn how B2Bs companies benefit from introducing cubicle and panel systems to the workplace:

  • Valuable Noise Barriers

While a central table with bench seating looks modern and inviting, this setup can lead to prolific noise interference and interruptions. Cubicles can help reduce excessive noise for necessary concentration and quiet sales calls.

  • Best Way to Protect Privacy

Did you know, in addition to preferring a dedicated private space, employees also appreciate not feeling as if they’re in a “fishbowl?” Studies have demonstrated that when workers feel as if they’re constantly being observed by higher management, they can grow anxious and lose trust among coworkers and managers. Cubicles give employees space for themselves and more of a chance to interact with coworkers on their own terms.

  • Conducive to Team Dynamics

While the assumption may be that cubicle and panel systems deter team-oriented atmospheres, this isn’t the case. Cubicle panels come in a variety of styles and measurements. For example, at Commerce Office Furniture, our tallest panel height is 65 inches, while our shorter options are 53 inches and 42 inches. The latter is perfect to group cubicles by team or department.

  • Favorable Productivity Booster

Less open space typically means fewer interruptions, ambient noise, and other distractions. What does this mean for business owners and managers? A more productive office.

  • Ultimate Design Flexibility

With flexibility in cubicle panel sizes and overall dimensions, design possibilities are ample. One of the most current design trends is cubicle clusters. This enables cubicles to be physically clustered by department, team, or similar arrangement to foster team building and convenience.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

Modern office cubicles have come a long way compared with their original conceptions. Contemporary cubicles are sleek, attractive, and constructed to accommodate technological and ergonomic functional-design elements.

  • Affordable and Quality Options

By purchasing used office cubicles, not only can companies save a bundle, but they can also save time. At COF, we offer removal of existing furniture, delivery and installation, and FREE design and CAD layouts.

Cubicle and Panel Systems for Success

At Commerce Office Furniture, we routinely work with B2B companies to find the perfect style, design, and layout for their cubicle and panel systems. Our inventory is one of the largest in the nation and houses top-quality brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion.

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