Cubicles and Panel Systems

Let’s face it; cubicles and panel systems have faced their share of scrutiny, particularly in the last decade when open-office concepts have become more mainstream. Yet, as studies and insider perspectives yield more information regarding how workers really feel about office cubicles, scrutiny gives way to support and approval. Office cubicles are seeing a resurgence in the workplace—and for good reason!

What Do Office Workers Really Think About Cubicles and Panel Systems?

Not surprisingly, there are many reports on the preferences of millennials in the workplace. It makes sense, considering that approximately 56 million millennials between the ages of 21 and 36 were seeking to enter the workforce in 2017. To add perspective, that’s three million more workers than the contributing Generation X workers within the same year.

So, what do millennial workers really crave? Within the last few years, reports have shown that millennials desire open workspace concepts that promote collaboration and innovation. Despite these wants, growing evidence supports that while a collaborative work environment is indeed a high-priority for millennials, they also crave a quiet place.

In a recent article, one millennial expressed frustration at her job at Groupon that required great focus and noted that the open environment lacking in privacy produced great anxiety, considering much of her time and the time of those around her was dedicated to customer calls. Cubicles and Panel Systems

In another recent write-up, millennials felt that a modernization of office cubicles and panel systems were a preferred way to “meet in the middle” when it comes to satisfying the need for collaboration while also honoring the need for individual space and privacy.

While millennials are a substantial voice, there are other demographics within the American workforce who would like a say—Gen Exers and even Baby Boomers. They have similar inclinations toward seeking a combined solution. In a Fortune magazine story titled, “It’s Time to Bring Back the Office Cubicle,” the author bemoaned his time in an open workspace environment, lamenting over the ambient noise and disruption.

The author, who is not of the millennial generation, elaborated that during his work career thus far, he had experienced a variety of workspaces and the ones that worked best for him were environments that included an office cubicle design. So, while collaboration was something he felt was valuable in a modern office, much like the other aforementioned industry insiders, the Fortune magazine author felt that the marriage between open areas conducive to sharing and the privacy of cubicles was the key to success to productivity in the workplace.   

Finding a Middle Ground in “Cubicle Town”

As decision-makers, business owners, leasing agents and property managers catch on to the need for a middle ground when it comes to open-space floor plans versus office workstation cubicles, the “cubicle cluster” is beginning to gain traction. The beauty of “cubicle clusters” is that they are supremely flexible in grouping number, design and functionality.

Often, “cubicle clusters” can be formed according to occupations. Clusters of three to four cubicles can be stationed on an office floor with varying panel systems to allow for more (or less) exchanging of ideas.

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