An open, modern workspace contains a contemporary laminate-wood table with eight gray-and-white marble chairs around it.

When facilities and office managers seek used office furniture in Philadelphia, Norristown, King of Prussia, and surrounding areas, they turn to the experts of Commerce Office Furniture. At COF, not only do we provide the highest-quality, brand-name office furniture, we also offer complimentary layout and design services which helps local companies save on time, money, and resources.

At COF, we make it a priority to help our clients understand and take advantage of the many modern design possibilities used office furniture can provide. 

Don’t Miss Five Ideas for Used Office Furniture Pennsylvania Facilities Managers Approve Of!

Historically, when property managers sought office furniture for a new space or business, they may have had some reservations in opting for used furniture. After all, isn’t there the potential for limited inventory, poor quality, and dated products? In reality, COF has ongoing corporate partnerships. This means we have a constant stream of quality, brand name furniture available. 

In addition to keeping a well-stocked inventory of used brand-name office furniture, which includes products by Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion, Commerce Office Furniture provides FREE CAD layout and design services to our clients. Our design experts remain informed and practiced in creating modern, contemporary office layouts that lend well to a diverse mix of used office furniture

Take a look at five favorite used office furniture ideas often implemented by facility managers:

  1. A group of millennial workers of different ethnicities are talking near their modern cubicle-cluster workspaceDedicated Cubicle Clusters

If you haven’t heard, the cubicle is back! With research demonstrating the need for greater privacy, autonomy, and less interruption in the workplace, cubicles have become the solution. For a modern twist on what used to be considered a boring fixture, cubicles are being grouped into contemporary “cubicle clusters.” Companies are designing these clusters according to departments and teams to encourage collaboration while eliminating issues like distraction and lack of privacy.

  1. Hot-Desk Seating 

In some workspace scenarios, it’s beneficial to have a central area where employees can simply set down their computer “and go!” Hot-desk seating can be set-up with conference-style tables in a central, open area. This type of work feature is especially conducive to co-working spaces, for part-time employees, or for primarily telecommute-based workers. 

  1. Mix-and-Match Workspace

Employers are embracing the varying work styles and preferences of their employees. While some employees prefer a dedicated, private workspace, other individuals thrive in an open area. More workplace designs and layouts are incorporating a mix of cubicle clusters, hot-desk seating, and “comfort corners,” in which couches, chairs, and coffee tables invite a relaxed area to work or conjure creativity. 

  1. Ergonomic Furniture

The modern workplace has become more health concious over the last decade or so. As employers and employees seek healthier options for their work environment, ergonomic furniture has taken a more prominent role. From desks that encourage better posture to ergonomic chairs, and more, buying pre-owned furniture can help save on cost and encourage a healthier work environment. 

  1. Virtual Receptionist

It’s not uncommon, for contemporary workspaces to have a reception area. Even if there isn’t a receptionist present, having a receptionist desk or waiting area adds an element of professionalism to a work environment that many businesses find attractive and important. 

Customizable Design and More

If you’ve been looking for used office furniture for sale near me, we hope you’ll consider Commerce Office Furniture for your furniture removal, delivery, installation, and FREE layout and CAD design needs.  

We offer an extensive inventory of used, brand-name furniture to help companies of all shapes and sizes find the perfect used office furniture. To get started contact our office here or call us today at 610-650-9950.