An empty modern office houses blue-paneled used office cubicles for liquidation.

Whether you are the office cubicle liquidator or the beneficiary of liquidated office cubicles—you both win! When move consultants and office managers are in need of used office cubicles liquidation services, whether for removal or acquisition, Commerce Office Furniture provides reliable, convenient options at affordable prices. 

COF Rules the Roost When it Comes to Used Office Cubicles (and Liquidation)

In the world of chickens, the rooster rules. In the world of used cubicles, COF is the leader in providing gently-used, quality modern office cubicles. Part of what enables us to offer a wide selection of used office cubicles for clients is our reliable and convenient liquidation services. 

Because we routinely work with an extensive base of corporate partners, we are the first to receive office furniture that has been decommissioned due to relocation, downsizing, or reorganization. This means that move consultants and office managers have a host of options from which to choose when filling and designing an office. 

Take a look at three BIG reasons why clients choose COF for used office cubicles:

  • An office space houses sections of used office cubicles in white and red, acquired from used office cubicles liquidation.Direct End-User Liquidation

Rather than being stuck with a liquidation middle-man (or several of them), there’s only one ruler of the roost when it comes to liquidation service, start-to-finish. COF offers a streamlined liquidation process, making the acquisition and purchase of used cubicles easy and direct with only one point-of-contact, rather than multiple organizations. 

  • Wide Inventory of Brand Name Furniture

If you’re skeptical when it comes to whether liquidation really includes a continuous supply of quality, brand name furniture, we can help diminish your skepticism. At COF, we have a 25,000 square-foot warehouse and showroom stocked with brand-name used office cubicles and more from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Kimball (just to name a few). 

  • Free Design and Space Planning

In addition to direct end-user liquidation and a full inventory of brand-name used office furniture, we offer FREE office cubicles design and space planning. We have helped countless businesses of all shapes and sizes create office workstation cubicles, grouped office cubicles with doors, and other modern, functional office design trends. 

Take Advantage of the Leading Local Cubicle Liquidation Experts

With more and more companies craving cubicles for increased privacy and organization, both businesses in need of consolidation and those seeking to expand their cubicle inventory have benefited from working with Commerce Office Furniture. For upwards of three decades, COF is a national leader in providing top-of-the-line used office furniture, liquidation services, free space planning, and more. 

Contact us now to take advantage of a FREE consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable COF team members. Or, call any time at 610-650-9950.