Many business owners—large and small—came to the quick realization, that to be successful during the pandemic was to quickly pivot. For many, this meant being adaptable and willing to change their business model to work during a turbulent and unpredictable time. The need to adapt has also infiltrated physical workspaces. Office and facilities managers have had to make their spaces functional and safe for employees. And, they have found much success in using cubicle clusters.

Even prior to the disruption COVID-19 triggered across the nation, many workplaces were beginning to catch on to the value of grouping office cubicles together to help satisfy a number of growing needs. Incorporating office cubicle clusters provides the privacy, structure, and now, perhaps most importantly—safety—employees need and want to feel satisfied and productive in their work environments.

Take a look at how cubicle clusters are increasingly more valuable and in demand.

5 Unique Ways to Configure Modern Office Cubicles (Your Employees Will Approve)

A single cubicle can provide an employee with the autonomy, privacy, and the dedicated space they crave. But, a cubicle cluster—composed of four, six, or eight cubicles—can provide all those things and encourage collaboration, organization, and productivity. Try one or more variation of these cubicle cluster designs:

  • The Drop-In Depo

Recent data has confirmed that in a post-pandemic world, the likelihood of employees working remotely—at least some days during the week—has increased (as much as 55% in some cases). Having an area of cubicle clusters designed for drop-in workspace is a perfect solution for in-and-out-of-office hybrid workers.

  • The Fulltimers Focal Point

Full-time employees, studies have found, who don’t have an office, appreciate a dedicated space of their own. A cubicle allows them to have a sense of ownership and personalized place to put work items, photos, and other individualized accents.

  • The Department Designation

Many office managers have found that cubicle clusters are an effective way to group employees by department, making inter-department communication and collaboration easy and more efficient.

  • The Project Place

If a certain project or task has been assigned to a team, a grouping of cubicles can help encourage furthering goals, accountability, and project completion.

  • The Quiet Cluster

Some businesses with open workspaces have found it helpful to have a cubicle cluster or two available for employees who need to make phone calls, cut out excess noise, or simply want a quiet place to concentrate.

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