When it comes to meeting the needs of the modern-day employee, company management should take note of the latest contemporary cues. Arranging office cubicles and making stylistic decisions before a purchase may significantly impact the comfort, motivation, and productivity of your employees. How? Find out below.

Take Advantage of Modern Office Cubicle Layout and Design

While having the right kind of office layout can help employers retain valuable, skilled workers, it can also contribute to better organizational outcomes, improved company efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness.

One of the best ways to accommodate the needs of the modern worker is to utilize office cubicles intelligently. Recent research has shown how incorporating a contemporary office cubicle design fulfills many wish-list items of employees today, and it can benefit employers as well. Take a look at several ways that everyone in an office environment wins with office cubicles.

  • Unique and Personalized Design

While hot-desk seating and open-bench workspaces were trending for a time, the most recent feedback from office employees reveals otherwise. Millennials, Gen Z, and other generations in the workforce have collectively voiced the importance of having a dedicated workspace.

Employees prefer to have dedicated modern office cubicles over open workspaces for several reasons—reduction of noise, more privacy, and especially to create a space they can claim as their own. Office workstation cubicles allow employees the freedom to make some of their own design and decor choices in order to give themselves a space to focus and enjoy a bit of autonomy.

  • Flexible Layout Options

Office cubicles have come a long way since their original prototypes. Not only are modern office cubicles more attractive, but they also offer greater design and layout flexibility. Many offices, whether in a B2B company or corporate environment, are seeing great success with cubicle clusters. These office cubicle clusters offer elevated organization and creativity.

Office managers are grouping employees in cubicle clusters according to departments, teams, and projects—and finding with great success in doing so. Employees enjoy the sense of inclusivity by being paired with co-workers while having their own space.

  • Dedicated Drop-Zone

Office cubicle clusters and workstations are also perfect for drop-zone office environments. It’s more common today for some employees to be either full- or part-time remote workers. When possible, it’s beneficial for both the employee commuter and the boss to have a dedicated space for working in-office if necessary. And, these cubicles can easily serve as drop-zones for job-sharing scenarios.

More Ways to Win When It Comes to Office Cubicles

In addition to office cubicles providing dedicated spaces and flexible design, office and facilities managers can absorb the added advantage of saving money by going with used office cubicles. At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer one of the largest selections of used cubicles, in a variety of styles. We routinely offer six major used furniture manufacturers including Teknion, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Knoll.

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