The beginning of 2021 proved to be a strange time for many businesses (should they reopen—or not?). But, now with the COVID-19 vaccination underway and stimulus funds and grants circulating around the nation, companies are evaluating the next steps to reopening. And, many are planning when and how to bring their staff back, as well as welcoming clients and customers back through their doors. In doing so, it’s an opportune time to consider an integration for new and used office furniture.

As they envision and plan for a post-pandemic world, office managers are preparing their office spaces to meet new challenges and demands. Read about three ways new and used furniture can address needed changes in office space design.

Three Ways to Incorporate New and Used Office Furniture in Philadelphia

Office managers and business owners have become acutely aware of how important health and safety are in the workplace. And, not only in terms of the spread of infectious diseases. For example, human resources departments are also looking at how chronic diseases, employee mental health, and absenteeism correlate to the office environment—and how they impact a company’s overall budget.

Before shopping for new or used office furniture, companies are considering how to maximize different types of office furniture to make employees as safe and comfortable as possible, while also respecting budget constraints. And, you can too! Take a look at how you can integrate a mix of new and used office furniture to accommodate the safety and wellbeing of your employees in a cost-efficient way:

Cubicles were already making a comeback prior to the pandemic for their ability to provide employees the privacy and personal space needed to do their jobs effectively. Now, cubicles can help keep office workers safe by establishing social-distancing parameters. And, you can purchase used office cubicles for a fraction of what they would demand when purchased brand new.

Depending on budget guidelines, office managers can buy new or used desks. New desks can refresh and modernize a drab space. Used desks are budget-friendly and you can make them safer by retrofitting them with social-distancing office products such as privacy wing panels, desk dividers, and workstation screens.

Chairs have increased their value as an office item during the pandemic—especially in open office plans and conference rooms, where bulky tables were formerly in-place. Many office managers swapped big desks and tables in favor of socially-distanced seating. Chairs can be placed in semi-circle and circle configurations to encourage social interaction and conversation while reducing touchable surface concerns.

And, ergonomically-friendly, individual desk chairs for employees are seeing an uptick (partly a result of the chronic illnesses and comfort needs recognized by employers).

Whether you are looking for used office furniture in King of Prussia, PA or simply a new and used office furniture store near me, we are here to help you reimagine a post-pandemic workspace.

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