A group of millennial employees are busy collaborating at various workstations in a modern office.

When facilities managers look for used office furniture in Philadelphia, they want to be sure that they’re receiving top quality, brand-name furniture for affordable prices. Besides seeking a diverse inventory of new and used office furniture, Philadelphia based- businesses often look for guidance in modern office layout and design. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we carry nationally-recognized furniture brands such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Tekinon, Haworth, and more. And, as an added value, our clients can opt for complimentary CAD layout and design services. 

Three Ways to Present New and Used Office Furniture in a Different Light

Sometimes brightening and modernizing a workspace simply requires subtle alterations—like illuminating a desk with a dynamic light fixture. Other times, more significant and dramatic changes are needed to liven up an office layout. 

If you’re a facilities manager looking for ways to re-imagine new and used office furniture in Norristown PA or the surrounding areas, COF has abundant offerings in both product and design options. Take a look at five trends in office design that work for either new or used office desks, cubicles, conference tables and more.

  1. Dress a Desk

A white modern desk with white chair, features a black, blank chalkboard and open cabienet above.If it’s a new desk your looking to spruce up, simple additions like a chalkboard to doodle on (“do not disturb,”/ “taking a break”) instantly brightens a space. Fun lighting features and art deco lamps are also trending as desk accents. 

When it comes to used desks, there are even more design possibilities. You should check with your office manager to see if they would allow a bit of paint to come into the picture. For example, selecting a few desk drawers helps to add character and a pop of color. If paint isn’t a possibility, trying out a few earthy elements, such as potted plants, can elevate your deskspace experience.

  1. Cluster Cubicles

A cubicle cluster consists of four low-partition-walled cubicles in a light, airy office space.A question we receive quite frequently from facilities managers purchasing used office furniture in PA is how to modernize used office cubicles. One popular design involves the use of cubicles for “cubicle clusters.” Not only can cubicle clusters help an office appear more contemporary; they also improve functionality. Many office environments choose to organize cubicle clusters according to work teams or departments. 

  1. Invite Collaboration

Many modern workspaces provide a gathering place for collaboration. This space usually consists of a large conference table. Rather than being tucked away in an enclosed conference room, however, these open-area tables have been repurposed to allow for hot-desk seating—a place where employees without a dedicated desk can work. Sometimes these gathering tables are surrounded by cushy chairs and sofas to create a more creative, inviting vibe.An open office environment with a couple of desks features a large, wide metal conference table with chairs.

Shake the Dust Off Old Office Designs

COF has over three decades of experience helping companies of all shapes and sizes to re-design and modernize workspaces while offering these comprehensive services at prices you can afford. For added convenience, COF offers delivery, installation, and liquidation options, in addition to FREE workspace planning. 

If you’ve been searching for used office furniture near me, we hope you’ll consider COF as your provider of a quality inventory of new and used office furniture. To get started, contact us here or call any time at 610-650-9950.