New Office Desks

While the millennial generation has undoubtedly influenced trends in the design of new office desks and the workspace, one might ask: is there more to the story in the evolution of workplace design?

Business articles, infographics and social media posts point to yes. It’s not so much millennials, but rather the collective workforce at large (combining generations) that are dictating the modern rules of new office desk design and functionality.


What Are the Rules of New Office Desks and Design?

For several years, the trend in open-floor workspaces has been front and center. Attached to the desire for collaborative workspaces is the seemingly diminished desire for closed offices and cubicles. As the open workflow office design evolves, however, it appears the most attractive workspace plan is one that incorporates balance. While an environment that fosters collaboration is important, so is privacy, a sense of ownership and technological accommodation. To contribute to modern workspace symbiosis, new office desks aim to achieve the multi-generational workforce’s desire for balance. 

How new office desks fulfill modern workspace rules: New Office Desks

  • Collaborative Capability is Key
  • Modular desks, such as the Variant Collection Office Suite, offer employees an area to call home while inviting an environment conducive to sharing. The new, sleek design can house a team of up to six. Colorful acrylic divider screens afford privacy when needed.
  • Standing Desks
  • While both the negative and positive impacts of standing desks remain a debatable topic, the fact remains that modern employees often prefer them. While studies demonstrate there isn’t a significant reduction of calories burned from standing, standing desks may help employees with back and shoulder pain.
  • Color-Coded Desks
  • Gone are the days when the dark cherry-wood executive office desk was an office favorite. Now, workspaces are using a variety of colors to not only modernize the office space, but organize it as well. For example, a facilities manager or property manager may want a space with a white-hanging pedestal desk and supply the creative team with green office supplies, the sales team with orange and the design team with purple.
  • Savoring Simplicity
  • Sometimes less is more. Bulky executive office desks and U-Shaped desks now play second fiddle to clean, modernized L-Shaped office desks like those featured in the Massima Collection.
  • Kicking Conventional to the Curb
  • Conventional has seen its day. Today, the modern worker craves a more unique, functional workspace. This typically manifests in a variety of desk types, rather than a cookie-cutter row of the same desk throughout a workspace.


Are You a Modern Office Furniture Rule Follower?

At Commerce Office Furniture, we help our clients achieve their workspace goals by providing brand-name, quality furniture such as new office desks, panels, seating, storage and more. Whether you’re a facilities manager, property manager, start-up, or fortune 500 company seeking to abide by the modern rules of office design, we’re here to help. In addition to providing a diverse collection of nationally-recognized brands, COF also offers CAD design services to help you conceptualize and implement the perfect office environment to meet your specific needs.

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