Modern office cubicle workstations with lower gray panels in a contemporary office.

Office managers, move consultants, and other individuals tasked with moving and/or designing office space, may express doubts when it comes to the benefits of cubicles and panel systems. At Commerce Office Furniture, we help countless companies create office cubicle designs to accommodate their unique business needs and set them up for success.

Squashing Seven Doubts About Cubicles and Panel Systems

Let’s face it, office cubicles have not always had the best reputation. However, the mindset regarding cubicles and panel systems has changed dramatically over the last decade—for the better. Now, not only do office managers, employers, and employees consider the benefits of cubicles, they covet the privacy, productivity, and other advantages they offer.

Let’s take a look at seven preconceived notions once held regarding office cubicles, and why their comeback is eliminating many old doubts.

  • A white modern office cubicle and panel system in an office with a red wall. Cubicles Are Dated

The original cubicle, mass-marketed in the early 1960s, is not in the same class of material you see in today’s cubicle. Whereas old-school cubicles of that bygone era were made of disposable material, modern office cubicles now come in high-quality, brand-name options built to last (including Teknion, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll and more).

  • Cubicles Are Expensive

New office cubicles can be costly, but not used office cubicles. Used cubicles for sale come at a fraction of the cost (sometimes more than half) of what you would pay for brand new.

  • Cubicles and Panel Systems Limit Design Options

Not so! In fact, with cubicles making a comeback, design options like office workstation cubicles allow for many office layout options. These contemporary cubicle design trends encourage collaboration while also honoring privacy needs.

  • Employees Don’t Like Them

Actually, many employees are in favor of cubicles and panel systems because of the privacy and autonomy they offer. Open office spaces, while desirable for their technology and interpersonal connectivity, can cause distraction, noise pollution, and ultimately kill productivity.

  • Employers Don’t Like Them

Employers do like cubicles—for many of the same reasons as employees!

  • Cubicles Are “One-Trick Ponies”

Again, cubicles have come a long way from the boxy conceptions they originated from. Used cubicles and panel systems offer various privacy options (for example, at COF we carry 65, 42, 53, and 65-inch panel height options).

  • Cubicles Won’t Make an Office Better

We’ve actually given you six reasons how cubicles have made (and continue to make) office environments better. More privacy, productivity, and social-distancing options, combined with various design possibilities, make office cubicles and panel systems an asset for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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