Used Office Cubicles

The nature of entrepreneurship– whether small businesses, startups or a combination of the two– is changing, and so are the spaces in which they all choose to congregate. Out of 27 million Americans, approximately 14 percent started or were already running a new business in 2015–a record high! At the time, self-employed businesses were projected to continue rising in popularity, and they have. Now more than ever, leasing agents, facilities managers and property owners are getting creative with used office cubicles, desks, seating and other furniture necessities to meet the desires of the next generation of office spaces.

The Benefits of Repurposing–Used Office Cubicles, Desks, Seating and More

As a majority of the nation (and the world) adopts a more modern approach to designing open-space work environments, Philadelphia follows suit.

In the fall of 2017, Philadelphia’s own Benjamin’s Desk, a collaborative workspace in the Rittenhouse district, merged with 1776, a global incubator for startups, to provide even more resources and physical space for entrepreneurs. Similar companies include CultureWorks, established as a co-artistry space, and The Exchange PHL, intended to house nonprofits and philanthropic entities.

What the aforementioned open workspace establishments have in common is not reinventing the wheel to create ergonomic, functional, modern spaces, but instead working with the existing wheel. Facilities and property managers from the Philadelphia suburbs to the downtown area are embracing used office furniture– including used office cubicles, desks, seating and other repurposing efforts– to save time, money and resources. Organically, the implementation of used office furniture also allows the freedom to create more eclectic and unique spaces.

Many shared workspace operators are turning to the implementation of used office cubicles. Adding a section or two of cubicles offers the perfect solution to satisfy the need for privacy and the elimination of distractions. 

Another modern office design concept is hot desk seating, which is a win-win for both facilities operators and entrepreneurs. Hot desk seating centers on the idea that workers within an open workspace don’t operate as efficiently when assigned to a specific desk/area. As a result, it has individuals share a central desk and unassigned seating area. 

Used Office Cubicles

Property managers and leasing agents considering the implementation of hot desk seating may want to look into shared workspace environments that charge a monthly membership and/or small “drop in rate.” Local Philly based business CityCoHo, for example, features independent work stations in an open desk area as part of their collaborative workspace options.

One way to significantly reduce costs, while also providing hot desk seating, is through the incorporation of used office desks, back-to-back u-shaped desks and used conference tables designed to accommodate the technological and functional needs of multiple workers. Not only are lightly used office desks affordable, but they are also attractive (and usually still appear new) and allow for more financial flexibility. Saved money can be applied toward purchasing other aspects of a modern workspace – like decor and a fully-stocked coffee bar.

Saving Money and Maximizing More Design Options

Utilizing used office cubicles, desks, seating and other furniture elements cut costs substantially, allowing facilities managers an opportunity to allocate funds elsewhere. With the money saved from appointing office space with used furniture, businesses have more financial freedom to focus on infusing creativity into lighting and decor.

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