Facilities and office managers have enough on their plate without being tasked to shop for office furniture, let alone spend hours trying to discover the best way to go about the process. For this exact reason, our Commerce Office Furniture (COF) team has come together to reveal seven truths about purchasing used office furniture that every office and facilities manager should know—and you can read them in less than five minutes!

Setting the Record Straight: 7 Things to Know About This Office Furniture Store

Helping to clarify a few misconceptions about office furniture can help make your shopping experience infinitely less stressful, affordable, and even enjoyable.

  1. Used office furniture costs much less than brand new options. It’s not uncommon for people to assume that while used office furniture will offer a price break, that perhaps it won’t be significant enough to really make a difference. But, it does! Even high-quality used furniture is often far less than what you’d pay brand new.
  2. Office furniture sets are available in matching collections—even used. People tend to think that “used” equals scarcity, especially when shopping for office furniture sets. But, at COF, because of the relationships we have with local businesses we have a constant influx of high-quality, matching office furniture collections.
  3. Office desks, cubicles, and chairs can come in almost pristine condition. COF carries brand name office furniture, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Kimball, Teknion, and Hawthorne. And, our inventory of used desks, cubicles, chairs, and more are in top condition, often resembling brand new furniture.
  4. Office furniture stores that provide delivery, installation, and design do exist! At COF, we offer delivery, installation, and removal services, in addition to FREE office space design and CAD layout consultation.
  5. Used office furniture stores allow you to see their inventory online. This may not be true of some office furniture stores, but COF does! You can easily access our website to find a wide selection of used office furniture in separate categories.
  6. Used furniture comes in a variety of colors and styles. Sometimes people have the misconception that used furniture items are dated. But, again, because of our ongoing partnerships with liquidating businesses, we have a steady stream of contemporary, attractive furniture items.
  7. You can find fantastic service when searching for office furniture near me. COF has been helping office and facilities managers for companies of all shapes and sizes for 30-plus years, specializing in phenomenal customer service and brand-name used furniture.

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