A sleek modern office with wood flooring features shorter cubicles with lamps attached and rolling office chairs.

B2B Guidelines for Purchasing Used Office Furniture In NJ

Facilities managers, particularly those in a B2B environment, have plenty of daily responsibilities and tasks to worry about—let alone decisions to make about office furniture. While managing a number of operational and project management scenarios, the acquisition of office furniture can often feel like one more task on their list through which they must navigate. […]

Five Strategies for Success When Purchasing Office Furniture In Philadelphia

When a company is looking for office furniture Philadelphia facilities managers choose, who is the most trusted source? Before answering, let’s take a look at why many Philadelphia corporations, startups, and small businesses are all making used office furniture major criteria in their search for desks, cubicles, conference tables, chairs, and more! Three Must-Know Shopping […]

Four Ways Philly-Based Workspaces Win With Pre-Owned Furniture

Not only are coworking spaces on the rise, but they’ve also transformed significantly over the last decade. According to Forbes, there were less than 15 documented shared workspaces in 2007. By 2020, coworking spaces in the U.S. are projected to rise to 26,000 by 2020, hosting up to 3.8 million people. Find out why a […]

How Your Company Can Benefits From Resale Office Furniture

We know your time as a facilities manager must be used efficiently, so let’s cut right to it: what’s the big deal with resale office furniture? Our team at Commerce Office Furniture doesn’t want you to miss the benefits of buying used office furniture. Find out what companies in the area seeking used office furniture […]

Get Contemporary, In-Style Office Cubicles

When it comes to meeting the needs of the modern-day employee, company management should take note of the latest contemporary cues. Arranging office cubicles and making stylistic decisions before a purchase may significantly impact the comfort, motivation, and productivity of your employees. How? Find out below. Take Advantage of Modern Office Cubicle Layout and Design […]

How B2B Companies Can Take Full Advantage of Used Office Cubicle Liquidation

Used office cubicle liquidation offers a major benefit to B2B companies seeking to decommission quality furniture. For B2B facilities managers in need of used cubicles, however, the liquidation process offers even more perks. Find out how used office cubicle liquidation can save buyers on time, money, logistic issues, and more. Five Benefits of Used Office […]

Seven Reasons Employees and Business Owners Like Office Cubicles

Who favors cubicle and panel systems over other types of workspace layouts, and why? While you might consider corporations as the prime entities selecting office workstations cubicles, B2B companies, start-ups, and small businesses are among the top cubicle system purchasers. Find out why businesses win with used cubicles, creating more modern and effective workstations in […]

How Cubicles for Offices Can Increase Your Profit

Hold your stapler! Cubicles for offices can increase business profits!? In a recent study of 700 office employees, 54% reported that their open office environment was too distracting. While additional studies confirm higher rates of distraction within open-office layouts, there are additional issues that ought to be addressed. As it turns out, the reintroduction of […]

Seven Features of Used Cubicle Customization That Everyone Will Love!

“That’s one of the coolest cubicles I’ve ever seen!” Huh? Since when are cubicles “cool”? As it turns out, used cubicle customization is all the rage. And, with the latest research, it makes sense why. Open office systems and spaces devoid of privacy are impeding productivity. The lack of individual space also removes a necessary […]