A stand-alone, modern cubicle and panel system with a comfortable, black office chair.

Used office cubicles liquidation is lighting up offices and the interest of office managers like never before. When purchased brand new, cubicles can be costly. Used office cubicles, however, tell a different story and offer unique benefits. And, the advantages aren’t only available to office managers seeking cubicles, they are also open to businesses seeking to remove them. 

Why It’s the Perfect Time for Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

There are several reasons why the current climate caters to used office cubicles liquidation for both businesses looking to remove cubicles and for those seeking to purchase them. Commerce Office Furniture is an advantageous partner for both endeavors! 

Here’s how:

  •  A modern office with white cubicle clusters and black office chairs. Rise in Office Workstation Cubicles

With more awareness of the problems associated with open workspaces—interruption, lack of privacy, absenteeism—more businesses are turning to office workstation cubicles. Also known as “cubicle clusters,” these groupings of cubicles offer a more modern configuration and use of cubicles that is both aesthetically attractive and functional. 

Used cubicles enable office managers to pay only a fraction of the cost (as opposed to what they would be priced brand new). 

  • Increase in Social-Distancing and Safety

For the foreseeable future, social-distancing, health, and safety are a top priority in the workplace. Cubicles and panel systems provide autonomy and increased safety for coworkers. And, again, purchasing used cubicles helps ensure that the budget doesn’t have to go bust to keep the workplace healthy. 

  • Win-Win for All

We mentioned earlier that companies both seeking cubicles and those needing to remove them from a workplace have the opportunity to benefit. As always, our clients win when partnering with COF! 

Businesses looking to unload cubicles turn to COF for complimentary liquidation. In turn, we are able to ensure a steady stream of quality, brand-name cubicles (Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion) to our end-users—at affordable prices. 

It’s Your Time, COF is the Place!

When Pennsylvania and New Jersey area businesses need quality office cubicles for sale at prices they can afford, they choose COF. And, companies that are downsizing and relocating partner with us for free office cubicles liquidation. With upwards of three decades in offering local businesses quality furniture, free cubicle removal services, design and layout options, and installation, Commerce Office Furniture is the trusted source for all of your office products and services. 

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