A modern office space reveals individual workstations with plenty of natural lighting and modern light fixtures.

When an office or facilities manager searches for a “quality used furniture store near me,” the first thing that comes to mind may not necessarily be improving office productivity. While it’s becoming a more widely known fact that quality used furniture is often a more affordable way to furnish an office, additional benefits may not be as readily realized—such as improved productivity.

At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer one of the widest selections of quality used furniture for sale in the Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey areas. In addition to a 25,000 square foot warehouse and showroom comprised of brand names like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and more, we help our clients get the most out of their used office furniture—including ways to encourage a more productive office.

How to Get the Most Productivity from Quality Used Furniture 

It’s not that surprising that when office environments are catered to the basic needs of employees—comfort, functionality, structure—productivity increases. Yet, what may not be clear is how. 

For upwards of 30 years, COF has been assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes with finding ways to improve their office spaces. We even offer FREE space planning to encourage productivity and optimal aesthetics. 

Take a look at a few ways that used office furniture can help encourage office productivity:

  • A male employee walks through an open office with individual work stations complete with chairs and storage furniture.Divide and Conquer

The cubicle comeback has been the result of businesses noticing that lack of structure has diminished productivity, reduced employee privacy, and more. Cubicles provide employees with the autonomy they need to remain productive while also offering a personal, dedicated space required for improved concentration. Plus, used office cubicles can be purchased for almost less than half of what new cubicles cost.

  • Make Modern the Mainstay

Used office furniture does not equate to “cheap furniture.” Affordable, yes, but cheap, no! Cheap implies a lack of quality when in reality a used furniture retailer such as COF offers an inventory of brand-name, modern selections. When you provide employees with attractive, contemporary, and functional furniture, you’re essentially demonstrating a desire for their comfort and wellbeing. 

  • Save Space with Storage

Clutter is a known productivity killer. Used office bookshelves, filing cabinets, and other storage options help keep clutter at bay and ensure more comfort for employees with desk jobs.

  • Leverage Lighting

A dark and dreary workspace invites malaise. Although natural light is preferable, providing employees with appropriate and attractive lighting fixtures can improve productivity. Optimal light means less eye-strain, headaches, and invitations to nap. 

More Benefits of Used Office Furniture

If you’d like to learn more ways that quality used office furniture can benefit your business, 

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