We know your time as a facilities manager must be used efficiently, so let’s cut right to it: what’s the big deal with resale office furniture? Our team at Commerce Office Furniture doesn’t want you to miss the benefits of buying used office furniture. Find out what companies in the area seeking used office furniture in Philadelphia are learning about this money-saving option.

Seven Resale Office Furniture Advantages You May Not Have Known About

They say you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But how many canines have proved the old adage wrong? Just because something is old or used doesn’t mean it lacks value or ergonomy. This certainly goes for resale office furniture. Take a look at seven things you may not have expected regarding used office furniture and its potential to shine in your office.

  1. Exceptional Quality

The assumption that used office furniture lacks sufficient quality is simply incorrect. At Commerce Office Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality office furniture in near pristine condition.

  1. Brand-Name Options

Another common misnomer is that your used office furniture selection will be limited. Not so! Not only does COF offer customers a wide selection of products, but we also give you access to an inventory loaded with brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion.

  1. Diverse Selection

Used office furniture isn’t limited to desks and seating. Facility managers can purchase everything they need—from cubicles to reception area pieces to filing systems—at one of COF’s two warehouse locations. This is a huge time-saver you’ll surely want to take advantage of if you’re revamping the whole office.

  1. Comprehensive Services

What about the services related to purchasing resale furniture, like liquidation, delivery, and installation?  You deserve a full-service furniture seller who can conveniently and efficiently get all of these jobs done.

  1. Creative Design

Layout and design are key components when it comes to filling office space. And your options for layout and design aren’t only for new furniture. We offer FREE layout and CAD design to help facilities managers find the perfect setup for their needs.

  1. Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service should be exceptional whether the furniture you’re buying is new or resale. At COF, we provide the best customer service care so customers feel good about their purchases.

  1. Reliable Inventory

Resale office furniture provides customers an important lesson in reliability! Because COF routinely works with corporate partners that have decommissioned furniture due to relocation, downsizing or reorganization, facilities managers don’t have to worry about shopping from multiple different furniture outlets.

What Else Can Resale Office Furniture Teach You?

Have you been researching used office furniture for sale nearby but have come up empty handed or experienced reservation? Well, we have good news. Commerce Office Furniture has been helping Philadelphia area office managers for over three decades. It’s our commitment to provide our customers with comprehensive and competitive resolutions to all their furniture needs.

To get started, contact our office here or call us today at 610-650-9950.