A modern office loft with brick and exposed industrial design shows a common meeting table area with matching chairs.

Office manager challenge: you must fill an entire office, following the latest trends…using only resale office furniture…and on a budget! Rather than running for the hills, take a trip to Commerce Office Furniture instead. When New Jersey and Pennsylvania area office managers search “used furniture stores near me,” they turn to the expertise of COF for high-quality, brand-name, and affordable office furniture. 

Get the Look You Want with Affordable Resale Office Furniture

Take a look at five office trends and how to complete the challenge of pulling them off in your office space—all at prices that fit your budget. 

  • Two male office employees sit on a comfortable couch, drinking coffee while other employees meet in the background.Collaboration Hub

Whether an office has an open layout, cubicle clusters, or private offices, collaboration is key for many modern spaces. This means plenty of room for employees to gather with their ideas and devices. 

Get the Look for Less: When our clients search “gently used furniture near me” to fulfill a collaboration station, they often take advantage of our used conference tables. Our spacious tables are perfect for minds and laptops to meet in a central, common area.

  • Tech Spot

Whether it’s a cubicle workstation, a collaboration hub, or hot-desk seating area, employers are meeting the increasing technology needs of workers by equipping them with tech-friendly furniture.

Get the Look for Less: Our used office cubicles, conference tables, and work-station desks offer high quality with nationally-recognized brand names. This means that office managers have a wide variety of office furniture to accommodate modern technology needs. 

  • Privacy Enclave

Today, privacy is key in workspaces. To ensure that employees are not disrupted and/or distracted, more enclaves and privacy areas are popping up. These isolated areas allow for employees to have a secure and private area to make calls or speak with clients. 

Get the Look for Less: Cubicles have made a comeback as a way for employees to feel sheltered from roaming visitors, conversation, and other distractions. Our COF used office cubicles are a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for new cubicles!

  • Comfort Corner

Comfortable chairs and sofas flanked with functional yet attractive side tables for coffee mugs and books are one of the biggest additions to many modern offices. 

Get the Look for Less: We have a full inventory of chairs, which include Captain’s chairs, Kimball side chairs, and comfy leather chairs, perfect for a dedicated comfort zone. 

  • Eclectic Elements

Uniform matchy-matchy office furniture is out. Instead, contemporary office environments are looking more eclectic these days. Many employers prefer filling a space with a combination of natural woods, combined with modern, colorfully accented pieces.

Get the Look for Less: Although COF has a plentiful inventory of matching furniture, for the office manager with an eclectic eye, we have plenty of options in varying tones, styles, and colors—as demonstrated by our available used furniture for sale online.

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