A modern office workstations cubicles grouping, back-to-back with desktop computers and black swivel chairs.

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Why Businesses are Rethinking Cubicle Configurations, and You Should Too!

COVID-19 has clearly changed not only where Americans can work, but also how. According to one study, approximately 25% to 30% of the workforce will work from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. Many workplaces are modifying the configuration of workspace to accommodate a hybrid of in-office and out-of-office workforce. This adjustment, however, started even prior to the pandemic.

With the advent of open workspaces and the resulting advantages and disadvantages discovered over time, cubicles have made a re-entry into the workplace.

To combat issues such as interruption, noise disruption, privacy concerns, and absenteeism, many more open workspace concepts realized that incorporating dedicated, partitioned, private workspaces were advantageous—if not for the entire work floor—for at least portions of the space. And, the cubicle, it appeared was the best solution.

The result: two main types of modernized office cubicle design developed:

  • Office Workstations Cubicles 

Rather than drab blocks of mundane, beige cubicles, many modern offices began to cluster brightly colored, more aesthetically pleasing cubicles. Also referred to as cubicle clusters, office workstations cubicles can be grouped by department, specific-job-types, teams, or as “temporary-housing” drop spots for workers who split their time between the office and home.

  • Desking Stations

Similar to hot-desk seating, which usually consists of long tables or rows of desks placed in a parallel layout, desking/benching stations provide more privacy, by including cubicles and panel systems. Employers and office managers discovered that the beauty of these cubicle desk stations is that the panel systems can be as high or low as needed—depending on the privacy, safety, and other needs specific to the individual workplace.

Not only do cubicle clusters and benching stations provide the perfect solution for encouraging collaboration, while maintaining privacy and safety, these modern designs fulfill the wish lists of millennial and contemporary workers. And, most importantly in the current climate, these cubicle layouts allow employers to consolidate space by creating shareable workstations for hybrid employees (in-office and home workers).

Modern Office Cubicles Meet High Quality and Creative Design

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