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Although reopening guidelines vary from state to state (and phase by phase), the commitment to health and safety remain a collective priority. While handwashing, sanitizer stations, and social distancing have become common staples in many workplaces, there are other recommended and preventative resources to help encourage a safe and healthy work environment in the current transitional climate. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) suggest the implementation of physical barriers for protection, and to fortify appropriate social-distancing guidelines (6ft-apart distancing). 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we are dedicated to helping office, retail, and other businesses by supplying quality, reliable social-distancing office products. As you will see below, privacy wing panels, countertop acrylic shields, sneeze guards, and desk dividers are a sampling of social distance barriers that are easy to implement, adjust, and sanitize.

Social Distancing Office Products to Accommodate the Guidelines

Again, while guidelines and phases differ depending on the state—occupancy, personal protective equipment PPE, etc.—the prioritization to keep as much separation and distance as possible, remains fairly consistent across CDC, OSHA, AIHA, and other health and safety organizations. This is especially vital for a return to the office, where coworker proximity may normally be more condensed and interactive. 

A female with brown hair and glasses wears a medical mask at her desk with a terrace panel social distancing office product.Here are actual examples of the safety standards the CDC, OSHA, and AIHA suggest:

To properly enforce these guidelines, the first bullet-point in particular, regarding proper sanitization, it is vitally important to integrate quality products that are able to withstand harsh cleaning agents. And, in terms of logistics, it’s also wise to purchase social-distancing office products that can serve as temporary and adjustable fixtures—easy to install, uninstall, move, and adjust. 

Eight Types of Social-Distancing Staples Every Business Should Consider

Although there are multiple social-distancing office products on the market, the following eight fixtures help maximize social distancing and sanitization for many types of industries and work environments. And, as added value, the majority of these options are diverse in height, width, color, design, and other specifications.

  • Sneeze Guards

A must have for retailers, customers service employees, and office workers, acrylic sneeze guards act as shields that can be used on desks and/or table-top surfaces. These free-standing barriers are  easy-to-clean and come in different heights and widths. 

  • Desk Dividers

Desk dividers are extremely versatile, available in multiple colors, heights, and mounting options. Designed to fit to both the edges and middles of worksurfaces, they accommodate many types of desks and surfaces, providing protection between employees.

  • Privacy Wing Panels

Privacy wing panels are designed to pair with many different types of existing office furniture, making them a convenient social-distancing solution for desks, cubicles, and cubicle panel systems. Similar to desk dividers, privacy wing panels are moveable, adjustable, and have several height options from which to choose. 

  • Workstation Screens

Workstation screens can be easily mounted on most existing cubicle panel systems, providing instant protection and social distancing. These screens typically come in clear or frosted acrylic color options making them attractive and easy to clean and disinfect. 

  • Room Dividers

To help maintain social distancing in a seating area or populated desk space, moveable room dividers (on wheels), or stationary (with fixed feet) provide reliable physical barriers. Plus, many room dividers come in different colors and styles, adding a more comfortable aesthetic feel. 

  • Terrace Panels

Terrace panels such as arced wing, linear wing, and full-desk panels can provide varying degrees of protection, depending on the needs of your workspace . Employers can choose permanent or removable mounting options, as well as a variety of designs. As a bonus, terrace panels are often compatible with one another, offering more design flexibility. 

  • Divider Partitions

Divider partitions can be fixed or temporary, available in several different dimensions, materials, and color options. They can even accommodate floor-to-ceiling height, if necessary.

  • Countertop Acrylic Shields

Similar to sneeze guards, countertop acrylic shields can be utilized as transparent, protective barriers. They can be permanent or moveable, come in a single sheet or trifold. Acrylic shields are particularly valuable for any employee who routinely interacts with the general public or even fellow employees. 

Safeguard Your Business Today

COF has been the trusted source for high-quality office products and services for upwards of thirty years. Now, as always, our commitment is to ensure that you have the products you need to maintain a safe and healthy workplace

Just as our fully-stocked warehouses regularly carry brand names such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, Teknion, and more, our social-distancing office products consist of the highest quality and reliability. 

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