Two cubicle workstations side-by-side are separated by a yellow panel system, accompanied by white-rolling chairs.

Now is the time for you to know the truth about used office cubicles for sale: they may solve one of your employees’ most cringe-worthy issues.

When open-workspace concepts first arrived on the scene, employees could not be more thrilled. Employers, office managers, and entrepreneurs were also excited. After all, it was a new trend that eliminated the stuffy, drab, and confined nature often associated with work environments of the past.

Yet, for all the benefits offered by open offices—airy open space, collaborative ambiance, and modern design—the challenges slowly became apparent.

Find out why, when it comes to the preferences of the contemporary employee’s workspace, office cubicles are looking really, really good!

Used Office Cubicles: Goodbye Big Brother—Hello Privacy (and Saving Money)

Taupe modern cubicle workstations are side-by-side in grouped in cubicle clusters in a contemporary office. Most people are familiar with the term “Big Brother,” from George Orwell’s novel, 1984. In the haunting story, the government (AKA Big Brother) was always watching! As it turns out, one of the major findings of open-floor plan work spaces is that employees feel similar—always feeling as if they are being observed.

Far from being a means of promoting collaboration, open offices can cause anxiety from the sense of exposure by employees.

And, continuing research shows that employees not only feel judged and overwatched by management, but they also feel equally overly-snooped on by coworkers. Being out in the open, it seems, creates a vulnerability and defensive posture. Then of course, constant interruption, noise, and lack of privacy have also become more apparent as well.

The answer to all these issues: used office cubicles. In fact, cubicles with panel systems have become the answer to many open-workspace problems.

Does this mean that open office spaces should completely alter their space plan? In some cases, maybe, but there is another solution. Companies of all shapes and sizes are creating cubicle workstations. Also referred to as “cubicle clusters,” these groupings of cubicles allow workers to have privacy and a dedicated workspace if needed, while still having the option to work in open areas if desired.

Businesses are also smart in understanding that purchasing used office cubicles is much more affordable than buying them brand new!

Why Businesses Just Like Yours Partner with Commerce Office Furniture

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