“That’s one of the coolest cubicles I’ve ever seen!” Huh? Since when are cubicles “cool”?

As it turns out, used cubicle customization is all the rage. And, with the latest research, it makes sense why. Open office systems and spaces devoid of privacy are impeding productivity. The lack of individual space also removes a necessary component to workplace harmony: diversity.

Seven Aspects of Used Cubicle Customization

While once considered oppressive, cubicles are making a comeback in a big way. In addition to significantly reducing productivity, open-office concepts can create an environment of exclusion. Although open office plans began with the best of intentions, encouraging camaraderie and “thought innovation,” what the latest studies have demonstrated is that employees often feel like they must conform to a certain image. This is particularly true of the aging population who feels alienated in a work environment with employees who are a fraction of their age.

Used cubicle customization in the form of cubicle clusters is becoming an increasingly attractive solution to diminished diversity in the workplace. Cubicles still invite team-oriented solutions and collaboration by being grouped in two, four, and eight-plus clusters.

In addition to offering endless customizable layout options, cubicles allow employees to celebrate their unique and individual qualities. Check out seven ways in which modern employees can elevate the coolness of cubicles and make them their own:

  1. Light It Up

A fun and funky house lamp, no-flame candle, or another source of soft light helps to brighten your workspace.

  1. Make It Cozy

The addition of a couple of colored, cushy throw pillows can support your back and make the cubicle cozier.

  1. Infuse With Scents

A diffuser probably isn’t best, as people working around you may be sensitive to certain smells. Instead, you can keep a couple favorite essential oils or sachets of a favorite invigorating smell in your desk drawer.

  1. Create a Custom Board

Find a favorite fabric or paper print and make a custom push-pin board to hang inspirational quotes and photos on.

  1. Organize With Accents

Instead of the standard office stapler, tape dispenser, and trash can, consider purchasing a chrome, color, or patterned set of your own.

  1. Showcase a Garden

Rather than a boring workspace plant that may end up pitifully neglected, purchase a few resilient succulents. Place them inside a terrarium or other attractive glass container to showcase.

  1. Utilize Partition Walls (to the fullest)

Cubicle partition walls are sturdy, so why not use them! Hang framed art, photos, and even shelves to add individuality and keep you inspired.

More Cubicle Customization Ideas and Resources

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