Businessman in a cubicle in a busy office space working on spreadsheets

The Benefits of Modern Office Cubicles That Businesses Forgot

Pity the poor cubicle. In a world where open-plan offices have gained popularity, the individual workstation has been demonized as a tiny prison. Now, several decades and one pandemic later, it’s time to reevaluate office cubicle furniture.  Here are five reasons you should be asking, “Why should I look into office cubicle furniture near me?” 

1. Modern Office Cubicles Actually Make Your Workplace More Social

Employees may actually be more likely to interact with one another if their workstations are separate. A 2018 study by Harvard Business School professors found that open-plan offices actually reduce face-to-face interaction by 70%. Separate cubicles increase the value of common areas, making workers more likely to congregate, socialize, and build a sense of office camaraderie. 

2. Having a Personalized Space is Great for Morale at Work

Movies and TV portray cubicles as drab, impersonal boxes, but that actually isn’t the reality. Employees can decorate and personalize their office cubicle walls, giving them a sense of comfort and ownership in the space. Especially for those transitioning from working at home to coming back into an office, this is a huge morale boost

3. Office Cubicle Walls Improve Privacy and Quiet for Employees 

Male and female colleagues chat over a white cubicle wall in an officeHaving your own space isn’t just good for morale, it’s also good for creativity, productivity, and attention span

Office cubicle walls block out sound and make it easier to focus in a crowded office. Being able to work in a group is often good. Being forced to is just plain bad. Simply put, you do better work when you are given your own space. 

4. Quality Used Office Cubicles Are Super Affordable

Used furniture liquidators like Commerce Office Furniture offer incredible savings on a wide range of top brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Kimball, and more! This allows you to furnish your office with durable, attractive office workstations to make the perfect workspace.

5. Office Cubicle Furniture is the Safer Choice for a Post-COVID World

While cases are dropping, and most offices require vaccination, returning to in-person work is not without its risks. Modern office cubicles help reduce the risk of a breakthrough infection by creating a barrier between workspaces (much like other COVID safety products). For protection against an airborne virus, cubicles are the safer choice for your staff, and will likely make them feel safer as well. 

Expert Office Design, Ahead of Time

Not only does Commerce Office Furniture get you amazing deals on name-brand office cubicle furniture, we offer in-house CAD office design service for free! This allows your business to assess your needs and create a comprehensive design plan well ahead of time.    

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