While creating a productive work environment for your employees is undoubtedly vital, it is easier said than done. Manufacturers of high-quality office furniture know their worth to a business. With their goods, companies can perform at a higher level and are willing to pay a premium.

For many businesses, shelling out five figures on office furniture for every employee simply does not fit on the books. But, they also don’t want to cheap out on the furniture and constantly have problems. Read on to learn about the benefits of the best-kept secret in the office furniture industry–used business furniture.

Cheap Office Furniture is Not as Cheap as You Think

The Value of a Quality Workspace

Whether 5 or 500 employees work from your office, everyone wants a work environment that fosters productivity. With working remotely as a trend that will stick around, offices that do not promote productivity will struggle to convince employees to come in person. As Forbes Magazine says,

A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. It’s essential that employers take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work.”

While many businesses spend shocking amounts of money on premium furniture for their employees, they may have made a different decision had they known about used business furniture. When businesses buy new furniture, it depreciates much like a new car does when you drive it off of the lot. In other words, it rapidly depreciates and leaves the original owner holding the bags.

Incredible Deals on Pre-Owned Office Furniture

When a business buys used office furniture, the original owner has already paid for most of the depreciation factor. The second owner pays for the furniture itself–not the new price tag and its premium.

However, just because furniture on the used market is available without the extra zeros at the end of the price tag does not mean that the furniture itself provides any less utility. If you find the right office furniture liquidator, you can find like-new furniture from top brands like Herman Miller for less than half of retail.

In the furniture market, a lightly used piece of high-quality office furniture will consistently outperform a new cheaply-made piece of office furniture. High-quality furniture is made of much better materials than cheap furniture. Premium furniture is built to last, whether it’s solid wood, reinforced joints, or high-quality metal.

Cheap furniture from stores like IKEA may look great at first glance, but cheap plywood, thin veneers, and poor joints show their age shockingly fast. Buying two sets of cheap furniture to last as long as one set of premium furniture destroys any financial savings that cheap furniture presents.

In the new furniture market, you have to choose between cost and quality. You can get both quality and low cost in the used business furniture market.

Finding Premium Used Business Furniture

The benefits of high-quality furniture to creating a productive business environment are undeniable. However, the cost to outfit an office in premium office furniture can be insurmountable.

The used business furniture market provides a happy medium between cost and quality, where businesses can create a lasting, productive environment for way less than retail. With used furniture in mind, the next step is finding an office furniture liquidator that carries a wide selection of lightly-used high-quality furniture for great prices.

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