Modern white office with marble floors and lots of diffused lighting.

In the office furniture world, there is a considerable spread in the prices of equipment. Some chairs retail for under $50, while other chairs are well over $1000 per piece. Similarly, some office desks are a fraction of the price of their premium counterparts. 

How can one piece of furniture cost much more than another piece that, at face value, seems to do the same thing? Is the increased performance of premium furniture enough to justify the price difference? 

Read on to learn about the benefits of buying premium office furniture for your workplace. In addition, learn how you can find premium office furniture for a fraction of its MSRP, including cheap used office chairs.

Furniture Longevity

One major advantage of premium office furniture over cheap office furniture is its build quality. Although inexpensive and premium furniture may look similar from a distance, the difference is in the details.

For example, a premium desk may be made from wood or another robust alternative with high-quality hardware that keeps it together indefinitely. On the other hand, cheap office desks are often made from inferior particle board and shoddy hardware that does not hold up. 

While the two desks may hold up well in the first few months of use, the cheap desk will always start showing signs of wear and tear before the premium alternative. In fact, it is not uncommon for premium furniture to last several times as long as cheap furniture. Cheap furniture may be more expensive when you purchase several sets of furniture to last as long as one premium investment. 

Furniture Performance

Modern white office with light wooden furniture lined up along the walls.Not only does premium office furniture last longer than cheap furniture, but it also serves its users better during their lifetime. For example, the difference between a cheap and a premium office chair is very noticeable for the people sitting in the chair for hours a day. 

Cheap office chairs not only fall apart quickly but often cause users pain over time and end up harming employee productivity. On the other hand, premium office chairs have essential features, such as:

  • Seat cushioning to make prolonged sitting sessions comfortable
  • Adjustable armrests to allow users’ shoulders to relax
  • Lumbar support to prevent back pain
  • Seat height adjustment to fit different users

Office Aesthetics

The way an office looks is a direct look into the company that occupies the office. If an office is well decorated and outfitted with premium office furniture, it reflects well on the company. On the other hand, companies that neglect their workplace may make a poor first impression.

After all, if a company does not provide its employees with the gear they need to reach their potential, then where else would the company cheap out while serving a customer? In any case, office aesthetics should not be ignored. 

Finding Premium Office Furniture for Less

Although premium office furniture undeniably has benefits over cheap furniture, one major drawback is cost. Furniture that lasts and performs does not come cheap. 

The high cost of premium furniture is the most common barrier to businesses getting the furniture they need. Understandably, shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars on office furniture for every employee can add up very quickly. 

However, premium office furniture does not have to cost an arm and a leg. With used office furniture, you can get all the benefits of like-new premium furniture for a fraction of its MSRP. Whether your office needs cheap used office chairs, desks, storage solutions, or anything in between, Commerce Office Furniture has what your employees need. 

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