Office cubicles are an important part of the workplace and can dictate the entire flow and style of the office space. Therefore, purchasing the right cubicles is essential in creating the workplace your employees need. 

However, a quick Google search for “office cubicle” returns over 26 million results, showing just how many options you have. The problem is narrowing down your search criteria by considering the specific needs of your office plan. Read on to learn about the five factors to consider when purchasing modern office cubicles

5 Factors to Help You Narrow Your Search


The first task when purchasing cubicles is determining how many cubicles the workspace can comfortably fit. The last thing you want to do is try to stuff too many cubicles in a small space, creating a cramped and claustrophobic environment. It’s always best to leave enough room between sections of cubicles to keep the workplace open and airy

Size and Shape

Modern office cubicles come in all sizes and shapes, each of which suits specific workplaces and employee needs. Larger cubicles with more privacy may suit a workplace that requires deep work and concentration. Meanwhile, open cubicles serve as collaborative workplaces where employees frequently talk to one another. There is no one-cubicle-fits-all answer; different sizes and shapes are best for different environments. 

Material and Color

Modern office cubicles come in different materials, colors, and finish options to fit every work environment. More modern and minimalistic offices may opt for metal and glass cubicles, while more traditional offices may choose a cloth finish. For offices that want to add a pop of color, there are bright fabrics, paints, and prints for cubicles. 


Cubicles are only the shell of employees’ workstations. The real customization and utility come from the accessories you choose to outfit them. From electrical routing solutions to cabinets and chairs, accessories help you get the most out of your new cubicles. 


Like most office furniture, modern office cubicles can range from cheap to expensive. Cheaping out on office furniture often produces subpar performance, frequent replacements, and sacrificed features. While not every office can afford to shell out thousands of dollars per cubicle, buying premium office furniture certainly brings benefits. 

Finding Affordable Modern Office Cubicles

Although the best modern office cubicles cost a pretty penny, there is a way for your business to buy them for way less than MSRP. With used office furniture, you can find like-new cubicles from top brands for a fraction of what they sold for when they were new. 

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