Modern office cubicles in large, clean, well-lit empty office, each cubicle furnished with chairs and computer monitors.

In our post-pandemic world, the rise of work-from-home has led some people to ask if the traditional office is gone for good

There’s still enormous value in having a dedicated space away from home where workers can go to be productive. And creating the right office space can have positive effects on your employees

Employers can do much to make offices benefit employees more, from integrating collaboration spaces to creating a dog-friendly office. But modern office cubicles are the most important ingredients in a perfect workspace.

It’s Not a Modern Office Without High-End Office Cubicles

Studies show workplaces featuring modern cubicle office designs perform far better than open plan offices. Stylish, well-built, privacy-providing furniture puts your workers “in the zone.” It allows them to not only focus more but also collaborate more effectively.

Top-down view of a dozen private, modern office cubicles in clean, well-lit office, each with chair and computer monitor.

Among other benefits, modern office workstations also promote design flexibility, and give employees the psychological perk of personalizing a private office cubicle as they please.

And a stylish office with attractive office workstations and cubicles doesn’t only benefit your current staff. It can help you attract and retain new talent. 

The office is an immediate indicator of your company’s atmosphere and ethic. Today’s workers want attractive offices that cater to their needs. They want a comfortable, natural, dynamic place to work that has a healthy feel.

Modern office cubicles bring the fresh, professional look potential employees are seeking as they move through the hiring process. 

How to Achieve Modern Cubicle Office Design on Your Budget

Granted, creating this kind of office is easier said than done. The best cubicles are from famous, name brand suppliers, and new furniture is pricey. Herman miller cubicles, for instance, range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the model. 

How can a small business reap the benefits of the best office cubicles without breaking the bank? Buying used cubicles is the answer.   

Such used furniture liquidators as Commerce Office Furniture can give you remarkable deals on lightly used furniture from brands including Steelcase, Kimball, Haworth, and Herman Miller.

With our huge selection of quality products, designing the perfect office for your business couldn’t be easier. We even offer free layout services with CAD drawings to make the process easier.

And don’t think you’ll be missing out on the full buying experience when you buy pre-owned. You can view all of our modern office cubicles, as well as desks, seating, and more, in our 25,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom!

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