After many people have been working from home for over two years, returning to the office will be a sizable transition. While people once enjoyed the “open office” concept, transitioning from the comfort and privacy of one’s own home to a huge room with no privacy can harm employees’ productivity. 

As employees transition back into the office, many will want their workspace to mimic the privacy and separation of their home offices. While it is impossible to recreate everything that working from home offers fully, you can transform your workplace to suit the needs of your employees better.

Read on to learn more about how office cubicles, specifically cubicles with doors, can make the transition from home to the office smooth. In addition, learn about the best way to find quality office cubicles for less than you think. 

Why Invest in Cubicles with Doors

While the “open office” concept took the corporate world by storm and is still in use by numerous companies, it has considerable drawbacks

Open offices are often noisy and distracting. With no walls to separate people, employees’ peripheral vision will always pick up movement and other activities around the office. More than ever, employees will be accustomed to the peace and quiet of their homes, making the distractions around them all the more relevant. 

Open offices also lack the privacy employees want as they come back to the office. Even though reduced privacy means more opportunities for employees to do things other than work, nobody wants to give up the privacy they had at their home office.

The Benefits of the Modern Cubicle with Doors 

With those significant downfalls of open offices in mind, cubicles are the solution. Numerous studies have shown that modern cubicles have considerable benefits in productivity and employee happiness. 

The right cubicles enable employees to work in a collaborative, productive environment without getting distracted by their coworkers. Modern cubicles are an excellent choice for your workspace, but cubicles with doors may be even better. 

Cubicles with doors offer even more privacy and mimic a home office better than a traditional cubicle and far better than an open office. While they take up more space than conventional cubicles, there may be enough space to fit high wall cubicles with doors into your workspace, given recent workplace trends. 

Global Workplace Analytics says that 25-35% of employees work from home for at least one day a week. That trend is likely to stick, as working from home provides employees with more flexibility with their schedules. With fewer employees in the office, workplaces need fewer cubicles. Therefore, the extra space that cubicles with doors occupy will not be a problem for many businesses. 

Where to Buy Cubicles with Doors

The benefits of cubicles –with or without doors– are undeniable. However, paying the sticker price for new cubicles makes improving your workplace a hard decision. High-quality modern cubicles from top brands like Herman Miller can reach well into the thousands of dollars per unit. 

Thankfully, there is a better option than shelling out thousands of dollars for furniture that will end up rapidly depreciating. Instead, consider buying lightly used, top-quality cubicles and other office furniture for a fraction of their MSRP. 

Buying used provides businesses with the workplace their employees need for incredibly low prices. The value of buying furniture on the used market is unbeatable. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we are committed to providing you with the office furniture you and your employees need. Our vast selection includes modern cubicles with and without walls to suit the needs of your workspace. We carry furniture from top brands, including:

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