Smiling office manager sits at table with computer in office furnished with tables and chairs from used office furniture outlet.

As an office or facilities manager, you’re expected to keep the costs of doing business in your company’s physical space as reasonable as possible. Buying office furniture resale instead of brand-new is one smart way you can help keep overhead down. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer one of the biggest selections of used office furniture in the Philadelphia region. We’ve seen our customers save money buying resale for three decades. 

We’ve also seen them realize benefits beyond a lower price tag.

Buying from a Used Office Furniture Outlet Saves Money and More

Modern office with L-shaped desk, ergonomic chairs, filing system, and bookshelves from used office furniture warehouse.Here are the three biggest advantages buying office furniture resale has over buying new.

  1. Buying used office furniture saves money.

Furnishing an office from scratch will cost businesses $1,500-$2,500 per employee, according to e-architect’s Adrian Welch. Depending upon staff size, and unless you’re big enough to qualify for bulk discounts, the total you spend could hit uncomfortable heights.

Buying your office furniture resale can save you money. You won’t pay as much because your price doesn’t have to cover the items’ manufacturing and initial shipping costs. It also doesn’t include the original retailer’s markup. 

Much as a new car depreciates the minute it drives off the lot, used office furniture can’t command its original sticker price. 

  1. Buying used office furniture saves time.

Granted, pieces of Ikea office furniture themselves may also have smaller price tags than new furnishings. 

But flat-packed furniture requires assembly. If you plan for you and your staff to assemble it, you’ll lose time you could be spending doing your actual jobs. If you hire others to assemble it, you’re ultimately increasing how much the furniture costs you.

And with Ikea itself predicting shipping delays to persist well into 2022, you may have to steel yourself for a wait. The longer your staff doesn’t have the furniture they need, the longer your productivity suffers.

When you buy from a used office furniture warehouse near you, you can get your purchases faster, within a dependable delivery window. 

And the pieces arrive at your location already assembled. You could start using them within minutes after they come off the delivery truck.

  1. Buying used office furniture saves landfill space.

You may not be losing sleep over U.S. landfills’ remaining capacity.

While it varies by region, the country as a whole has about 17 years’ capacity left, according to Waste Business Journal projections. In the Northeast, remaining capacity is less than a decade.

When you buy office furniture resale, then, you’re doing your small but significant part to keep used furnishings from becoming more waste.

You’ll feel good knowing your business is extending the life of quality tables, chairs, desks, cubicles, file cabinets, and more that would otherwise end up in a trash heap. You’ll also know your furnishings didn’t cause any new manufacturing emissions.

Design and Cost-Effectively Furnish Your Office With Commerce

Commerce’s 25,000-square foot used office furniture warehouse near Philadelphia, PA houses an always growing inventory, also available to browse online.

And we don’t sell “cheap” used office furniture. Yes, our prices are low, but our stock’s quality is high. We carry pieces from the industry’s leading brands, including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion, Allsteel, and others.

We also offer professional computer-assisted design (CAD) and layout of your office space. You can have the most space-efficient and productive floor plan for placing your purchases.

Contact us today to get started on planning and realizing the cost-effectively furnished office you want and need.