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Designing a Space with Office Cubicles

The office workplace has been a staple of business pretty much since business has existed. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that painstaking work has been put into optimizing every single aspect, from the color of the space to the height of the monitor. Of course, optimizing means different things to different people. No two workspaces are alike, and every designer will have to cater to the particular needs of their business.    

There is perhaps nowhere this is more true than in the cubicles and panel systems of an office. Finding cubicles for sale is easy; what’s difficult is choosing the right ones for your needs. In essence, cubicles are meant to function as an affordable alternative to individual offices for each employee. However, they can also be far more, acting as a flexible way to design highly efficient offices.  

Knowing Your Office Cubicles and Cubicle Panels 

There are many different cubicle styles, with typical wall heights spanning the 42” low, the 54” medium, and the 60” tall. Between professional setups and DIY cubicle walls, there are also many specialized styles to choose from. These include the following:

  • Panel Attached Cubicles. These cubicle panels secure directly to the desk or other furniture in the cubicle. This provides a quick, easy setup to give workers privacy and space to focus.
  • Transparent Cubicles. This style of cubicle includes full or partial clear windows in the panels. This can help mitigate claustrophobia in a small cubicle, better let in light, and facilitate collaboration between workers in adjacent cubicles.
  • Freestanding Cubicles. Slightly different from the conventional idea of a cubicle, this wall is fully disconnected from other office furniture. The wall panels can be slightly less stable, but can provide an excellent mix of privacy and flexibility.  
  • Acoustic Cubicles. A noisy workplace can be an overlooked productivity killer. Luckily, soundproof panels can be incorporated into cubicles, providing a quiet space to do work in a busy office without sacrificing the close community cubicles can foster.  

Finding High Quality Cubicle Walls for Sale Within Your Budget 

 Diverse coworkers men and women stand around a cubicles laughing at a joke in an office while others talk in the background

When designing an office that people will be working in every day, it only makes sense to have discerning taste. However, buying furniture can be a strain on the pocketbook and on the timeline. Luckily, used furniture liquidators like Commerce Office Furniture offer incredible savings on a wide range of top brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Kimball, and more! This gives you the opportunity to furnish your office with durable, attractive cubicles and panel systems to make the perfect workspace.

Cubicle Design, Ahead of Time

Not only does Commerce Office Furniture get you amazing deals on name brands, we offer our in-house CAD office design service for free! This allows your business to assess your needs and create a comprehensive design plan well ahead of time.    

To learn more about our incredible selection of cubicles and other used furniture, or the services we provide, click here to speak with one of our COF experts. Or, call us any time at (610) 650-9950.