African american businesswoman standing in a cubicle door smiling in front of a busy office

Why Office Cubicles Make for a Great Workplace

Cubicles have been the butt of jokes about soulless corporate culture in classic works like Dilbert and Office Space. However, these don’t really give an honest look at this staple of offices. It’s time to set the record straight with these amazing benefits of office cubicles.

  1. Small Office Cubicles Keep You Neat

If you’re a chronic slob, having a limited area to keep your stuff can be a massive benefit. By forcing you to keep everything in order, you naturally develop better tidying habits. This makes you more efficient, and less likely to go scrambling for a lost paper you need.  

  1. Brainstorming is Easy

Ever get stuck in a rut and need someone to bounce ideas off of? Cubicles give you easy access to your neighbors, facilitating brainstorming and conversations when you need it. This allows you to solidify strong working relationships with your coworkers, increasing the flow of ideas and strengthening office culture.   

  1. Meeting New People is EasyMale and female colleagues chat over a white cubicle wall in an office Author: Noah Miller

You might imagine cubicles create an antisocial environment, but actually the opposite is true! In fact, a 2018 study from Harvard Business School found that open concept offices reduce face-to-face interactions by 70%. Having separate spaces fosters a workplace where you value communal areas, and you can walk by a co-worker’s cube and strike up a conversation. 

  1. Your Own Space to Decorate

Working in the office can sometimes feel like an impersonal experience. Decorating your office cubicle allows you to bring a little bit of your home into the workplace, and gives you ownership over the space. Especially for those transitioning from working at home to coming into an office, this is a huge morale boost. 

  1. Private Office Cubicles Make Solo Work Easier

Although Silicon Valley made open-concept offices all the rage, the lack of barrier between you and office noise actually has some pretty significant downsides and hurts productivity. Cubicle walls block out sound and make it easier to focus in a crowded office. Simply put, you do better work when you aren’t distracted. 

  1. Cubicles Promote Flexible Office Design

Designing the optimal office is a challenging process. Every business has different needs, and designers and architects need to accommodate that. A cubicle system for the office gives the designers more flexibility to create a functional, efficient workplace. 

  1. Modern Office Cubicles can be Bought Used for Amazing Prices 

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