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Why Buying Used Commercial Office Furniture is the Green Choice

There are plenty of great reasons to spring for pre-owned office furniture. It’s easy to find great prices, top quality, and a wide range of options from premium brands. However, there’s a commonly overlooked benefit that might be even more important: buying used office furniture is way better for the environment. Americans landfill well over 9,500 tons of furniture every year. As major purchasers or furniture, companies are in a position to help mitigate this impact on the environment. Here’s why buying used office furniture is the green choice. 

Buying Reused Means Using Less Materials

One obvious benefit of getting furnishings from a used office furniture outlet near you is that it requires little to no extra material to produce. A new office desk and chair might require wood, metal, plastic, and leather to produce. This contributes to deforestation, increased fossil fuel use, more resources devoted to livestock, and more difficult or impossible-to-recycle plastic. Finding pre-owned office furniture near you not only reduces the demand for more material, but prevents potential pollutants from entering landfills. However, this is only one part of the resource-saving equation.

Cutting Shipping Distance Reduces Emissions

Disposed wooden garbage from furniture in a landfill after use in office

Buying new office furniture means delivery across state lines, and even internationally. Shipping is an enormous contributor to global emissions, and most assembly of furniture today is done overseas. On the other hand, used office furniture is available nearby almost anywhere in the country. This gives a selection of many of the same brands and models at just a fraction of the cost, and the fuel burned to deliver it. Whether you’re looking for used furniture in Minneapolis, Lancaster, or anywhere else, you can be confident it’s the best choice for the environment.      

It Encourages Other Companies to Follow Suit

The unfortunate fact is, despite the amazing benefits of pre-owned office furniture —both for you, and the planet— there’s still a stigma around buying used. Luckily, there’s a way to change that; break the stigma yourself! The more companies that recognize the advantages of used commercial office furniture, the more that are likely to follow suit. Obviously, this isn’t the only thing that needs to be done to save the environment, but it is a valuable step in creating a greener business ecosystem. 

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