College student studies her textbook while sitting at used solid wooden desk, laptop and tablet computers on desk surface.

Sometimes when college students vacate their dorm rooms for the summer or their apartments when they graduate, they’ll leave their desks behind on the curb, free for the taking.  

If you’re an office or facilities manager looking to furnish your place of business for cheap, you might be tempted to snag a few. You might think, “What could be better than free used office furniture?”

Better options do exist. Simply search “used office desks near me” and you’ll likely find used office furniture warehouses near you, with pre-owned desks actually designed for durability and practicality in a business setting. You may even find used student desks for sale near you that are a cut above the flat-packed, assemble-it-yourself variety many college students prefer.

Getting Great Quality at Affordable Prices

Here at Commerce Office Furniture, we understand office furniture budgets can be tight. Spending $1,500-$2,500 per employee to furnish the space, as some recommend, isn’t always a feasible plan. Luckily, you don’t have to resort to grabbing students’ used desks for free from the side of the road!

 Modern, S-shaped used solid wood desk and office chairs on casters, purchased from used office furniture warehouse.

Read on for some reasons to spend money—but at an affordable, reasonable level—on what you find when you search for “used office desks near me.”

Why Buy from the “Used Office Furniture Warehouse Near Me”? 

Especially in the thick of the “Great Resignation,” when workers are leaving their jobs because they don’t feel valued, skimping on office furniture may not be the smartest move.

Why not? Because, U.S. workers spend 39% of their workday sitting, on average. If your staff’s jobs require them to spend that much time at their workstations, you need to make sure they have comfortable, practical, durable desks.

Fortunately, you can find good, used desks for sale cheap—that aren’t “cheap” when it comes to quality. When you buy desks and other furnishings from a used office furniture warehouse near you, you’re likely to find great deals on pieces from recognizable and widely respected brand names. Here at Commerce Office Furniture, for example, we carry used office desks and more from such brands as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, and others.

Imagine finding a used solid wood desk for sale near you from a leading brand at a fraction of its original retail price. You’ll save money, and you’ll also have peace of mind knowing your local used office furniture warehouse wouldn’t be selling it if it weren’t in sound shape, with the potential for years of use still in its future.

You can’t always vouch for the structural integrity or future viability of free used student desks found curbside! 

In addition, when you search “cheap used office furniture near me” and take advantage of the great deals you find, you’re keeping used office desks near you out of landfills. Your business will be making a small but meaningful step towards more sustainable commerce.

Greater Philadelphia, Commerce Office Furniture is Your Solution

If you’re in the greater Philadelphia, PA region, searching for “used office desks near me” will lead you to us at Commerce Office Furniture.

Our 25,000-square foot used office furniture warehouse boasts a constantly changing inventory of quality used office desks, chairs, tables, and more. We’re always receiving stock from offices that have relocated, reorganized, or downsized.

We’ll deliver and install your purchases. We can also provide professional planning services to best organize your office space. Contact us today to get your FREE CAD layout from our team.