Modern executive office with large windows and light wooden desk.

Executive offices are a vital way to incentivize top performers. The right office space is often an excellent reward for the employees who sacrificed enough time to rise through the ranks. Indeed, a study by Harvard found that 60% of employees in executive roles work over 72 hours per week, which is more than double the national average. 

Therefore, it is essential to provide top performers with an executive office space that inspires productivity and rewards them for a job well done. However, outfitting executive offices with the right premium furniture can be very costly. Read on to learn how you can create executive office spaces that foster higher performance for less than you think with used executive office furniture. 

Design Tips for Executive Office Spaces

Allow Space for Personalization

While it is unrealistic for executives to completely remodel their office every time a new employee moves in, some personalization is necessary. After all, people need an opportunity to make a space their own to feel comfortable and at home. 

To allow executive employees to personalize their space while retaining the same furniture, keep the furniture neutral and the nonessential decorations to a minimum. That way, employees can decide what art, plants, sculptures, and knickknacks they want in their space without having to work around a preset style. 

Use the Space Wisely

While much larger than a cubicle, you must strategically plan executive offices to make the most of them. One of the best ways to do so is by buying furniture with plenty of built-in storage. With the right furniture that packs more into less space, there is more room for extra furnishings. File cabinets, bookcases, shelves, and specific desks are all great options for optimizing space.

Use Neutral Colors

Similar to how you can leave the stylizing up to the individual employee, avoid forcing them to conform to an odd color by painting the walls or buying furniture in anything but neutral colors. As a general rule, stick to grays, whites, and beiges for wall colors and natural or neutral tones for the furniture. If employees want extra splashes of color around their office, they can certainly add that on their own. 

Buy Ergonomic Furniture

Above all, an executive office has to create a workspace that encourages productivity. Without ergonomic office furniture, the employee, the visitors collaborating in their office, or whoever else steps foot in their office will not want to spend time there. Therefore, always invest in office furniture that supports people’s bodies correctly and creates a comfortable experience. 

Chiefly, invest in top-of-the-line ergonomic seating for the employee and their guests. An ergonomic office chair is an essential piece of workplace gear. Likewise, buy comfortable chairs and couches for guests to sit on, depending on the size and layout of the space. 

Budget Space for Social Areas

While serious meetings will still take place in a boardroom most of the time, executive offices should also have a place where employees can meet and converse with people. Whether a colleague stops by to discuss some work or a client wants to come in and discuss the terms of a new deal, a conversational area is an integral part of executive offices

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Given how hard the average executive employee works, they may be getting outside less than they should. If possible, set up your executive offices so they are by a window. Windows make the space seem much bigger and let in natural light, which is important. If the room does not allow for windows, invest in a robust lighting solution to ensure that the office does not seem like a cave—the lighter, the better. 

Sourcing Used Executive Office Furniture

Executive offices are important in incentivizing employees to do their best work for the company. In addition, they can inspire productivity among top performers to allow them to reach their full potential in the workplace. However, outfitting executive offices with the right furniture can get very expensive. 

Thankfully, there is an alternative to spending thousands and thousands of dollars on every office: used executive office furniture. With used executive office furniture, you can create the perfect spaces for high performers for way less than MSRP. From desks to chairs to storage to furniture, and everything in between, you can find everything you need at Commerce Office Furniture. 

In addition, we know that executive offices often come in different shapes and sizes. For that reason, we offer free CAD layout drawings for your spaces! With our layout services, you can ensure that every executive office has a style and flow that employees will notice and appreciate. Click here to get started and claim your free CAD layout today!