Cheap used furniture—comfortable desks and chairs—from quality used furniture outlet fills well-lit, hardwood floor office space.

Have you considered how cheap used furniture in your office could also contribute to your success? 

Buying furniture is a necessary overhead for any business working out of an office. But savvy office and facilities managers realize that no rule dictates all those desks, chairs, cubicles, conference tables, and more must be brand-new. 

Startups in particular should bear this fact in mind. Some experts advise them to budget between $1,500 and $2,500 per employee for furnishings. Couldn’t that cash be better spent on inventory, marketing, or any other of the myriad startup costs?

Here at Commerce Office Furniture, we know “cheap” and “used” don’t always connote quality. We’re not suggesting you fill your office with shoddy furnishings that look decades out-of-date. 

But whether your business is just getting started, needs workstations for new hires, or wants to give the office a makeover, shopping at a used furniture outlet can help your company succeed.

Buying Furniture for Less Helps Your Business’ Bottom Line

Prices at a traditional furniture store factor in the cost of construction, initial transportation, and the retailer’s markup. None of these variables drive up prices at a used furniture outlet. As a result, buying furniture there puts a smaller dent in your business’ bottom line, leaving more money for projects that generate revenue.

If price is the most pressing issue, why not shop for used furniture online through thrift stores or such sites as Craigslist? Granted, you might get lucky and find good deals on quality furniture at online thrift stores or cheap used furniture on Craigslist.

But “lucky” is the operative word. There’s no guarantee such sites will have the types of used furniture you need when you need them. Their stock depends on donations they’ve received or furnishings listers want to sell.

In contrast, a dedicated used furniture outlet will always have a wide range of office furnishings in stock. For example, at Commerce Office Furniture we maintain a network of corporate partners that regularly provide furniture from offices that have downsized, reorganized, or relocated. 

Quality Used Office Furniture Encourages Staff Productivity

The best used furniture stores not only have the furnishings you need when you need them but also offer quality products. 

At Commerce, our inventory is made up of pieces from such leading manufacturers as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion, and Allsteel. We don’t believe “cheap used furniture” should mean second-rate. 

Our insistence on quality brings up the other main reason cheap used office furniture can help your business succeed. When your staff spends eight hours a day, five days a week or more in the office, they need comfortable, high-caliber furniture. 

The right furniture can increase employee productivity by 32%, according to Corporate Suites. More productive employees make for a more enjoyable and profitable workplace, and a more successful business.

Buy From a Leading Used Furniture Outlet Near Philadelphia

For more than 30 years, Commerce Office Furniture has been selling cheap used furniture to businesses in and around the Philadelphia area. 

Our 25,000-square-foot warehouse filled with furniture from leading brands, our complete delivery and removal services from buildings of any size, and our low prices have made us a nationally recognized leader among used furniture outlets.

We’ll help you choose the types of used furniture that best fit your office and your budget. We’ll save you time and effort by delivering and installing your purchases for you. And, we can even provide professional planning services for best organizing your office space. 

Get your FREE CAD layout from our team by contacting us today.