Spacious and modern corporate workspace furnished with high-quality resale office furniture including tables and chairs.

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more managers feel burned out. But finding high-quality workplace furniture for your office shouldn’t add to your stress. Buying office furniture resale instead of new is one way to free yourself up to focus on more pressing responsibilities. It can also prove a key to success in your job.

At Commerce Office Furniture, we’ve been helping facilities and office managers meet furnishing needs for more than 30 years. Keep reading to find out how buying office furniture resale can reduce your stress, demonstrate your value, and help you succeed.

3 Reasons Buying Used Workplace Furniture is a Winning Idea

Does your workplace need additional office desks? More file cabinets? A fresh couch and coffee table for the reception area

Whatever your needs, quality resale office furniture can meet them as well as brand-new items—and at a fraction of the price. 

1. Buying used office furniture can lower your stress.

 Clean, corporate office furnished with high-quality used office desk, file cabinets, chairs, and flat-panel screen.

Tighter budget controls increase managers’ “emotional exhaustion.” Pressure to meet corporate needs for as little money as possible can leave you feeling frazzled. And as the Producer Price Index for office furniture rises, your frustration with new furnishings’ price tags is probably rising, too.

But when you buy used office furniture, you’re not paying for items’ manufacturing or initial transport costs, or the original retailer’s markup. You can feel confident and calmer knowing your purchases won’t bust your budget.
Plus, when you shop at a used office furniture store with a wide range of pieces, you save time. No checking with store after store to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

2. Buying used office furniture demonstrates your value to the company.

Management consultant Blaine Loomer advises managers to “be part of the bottom line.” When you buy office furniture at resale prices, you’re showing you contribute to profitability. 

You’re also showing you can return a great investment on each corporate dollar spent. The best places to buy used office furniture carry high-quality pieces from respected brands. 

Securing top-level office furniture for your workplace without paying top prices proves you can get as much value from the business’ money as possible.

3. Buying used office furniture can increase your workplace’s productivity.

A well-designed, well-furnished office space makes a positive impact on employees. A comfortable workplace fosters the focused, collaborative environment on which business success depends.

Used, high-quality furniture contributes to a less stressful, more productive office. Sturdy and spacious desks, ergonomic office chairs, attractive cubicles that don’t cause claustrophobia, and more, all arranged to promote logical and efficient workflow, can make employees’ hours on-site more positive.

The more you help nurture a successful staff, the more successful a manager you will be.

Find Quality, Used Office Furniture Near Philadelphia at Commerce

Are you in or close to Philadelphia, PA? Commerce Office Furniture is a leading source of resale office furniture near you

Our 25,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom contain a wide range of high-quality used office furniture. We have pieces from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and other famous brands at budget-friendly prices.

Through our corporate partner network, we’re continually getting stock from offices that have relocated, reorganized, or downsized.

And beyond delivering and installing your purchases, we provide professional planning services to best organize your workspace. Get your FREE CAD layout from our team by contacting us today.