Spacious office with wooden floors and large windows furnished with tables and chairs purchased from used office furniture outlet.

Opening up a new office? Rethinking or rearranging an existing one in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Whatever the circumstances in your physical workspace, people working there need furniture.

Whether you’re looking for only a few pieces or are furnishing your space from scratch, a used office furniture outlet offers several advantages. 

Here are three we at Commerce Office Furniture think matter the most.

Get High-end Brands at a Fraction of Retail Price

You’re seeking cheap used office furniture near you because you need to stay within your company’s budget. As great as spending $1,500-$2,500 per employee to furnish your workplace might be, the bottom line won’t allow it.

 Narrow conference room furnished with long wooden table and four mesh office chairs purchased from used office furniture outlet.

But don’t resort to taking the free used office furniture other companies throw out. Getting cheap used office furniture doesn’t have to mean settling for cheaply, shoddily manufactured items. At a quality used furniture warehouse, you can buy furnishings from reputable brands for much less than they cost when new. 

At Commerce Office Furniture, items from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion, Allsteel, and other leading brands routinely fill our 25,000-square foot warehouse. Because we don’t have to pay the manufacturer, we don’t have to charge a markup, meaning you get high quality, respectable brands at a much lower cost.

Save Time When You Buy Pre-assembled Office Furniture

Assembling brand-new office furniture yourself could save you money. But take into account the business you and your staff could be conducting instead of wrestling with particle board, wooden dowels, and Allen wrenches.  

Why not opt for pre-assembled items from a used office furniture outlet instead? 

These desks, tables, chairs, and more come to the warehouse from offices that have reorganized, downsized, or relocated. You won’t lose any time putting them together because your furnishings come off the delivery truck ready for installation. 

Buying used, pre-assembled furniture saves you not only the time of self-assembly but also the stress! You’ll have none of the clutter and crowding that installing unassembled furniture usually causes. As a result, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to your business itself.

Support Local Business at a Nearby Used Furniture Warehouse

During the height of the pandemic, many consumers chose to make supporting their local businesses a priority. Local businesses themselves often supported each other. Companies that buy local are doing their part to benefit their area’s economy.

So when you search for “used office furniture liquidators near me,” you’re making a choice to encourage the economic health of your city, your state, even your whole region. 

We at Commerce have been offering businesses in and around Philadelphia used office furniture for three decades. 

Is your office is in Cherry Hill, New Jersey? Near West Chester, PA? Or somewhere in between, including in the City of Brotherly Love itself?

We have used office furniture to fit your space and your budget. And every purchase you make helps the greater Philly regions stay economically strong.

Would you like a FREE CAD layout from our team? It will show how pieces from one of the Philadelphia area’s foremost used office furniture outlets can meet your company’s needs. Contact us online today to get started.