Sleek, modern office furnished with reception desk, conference table, and office chairs from a used office furniture outlet.

Increasingly, workers in the U.S. are heading back to the office. 

 Bright workspace with large window, furnished with office chairs, wooden tables, and bookshelf from used office furniture outlet.

Nearly three years after the COVID lockdowns of 2020 began, average office occupancy rates in 10 major American cities reached 50% of pre-pandemic levels.

If more of your company’s employees are going back to the office, it may be time for you to go to a used office furniture outlet near you.

Here at Commerce Office Furniture, we realize the pandemic has pushed many organizations to rethink and refresh their shared workspaces

Smart office managers know employees will likely return to the office with more enthusiasm if it’s not only safe but also welcoming. An office space furnished and arranged with individuals’ and teams’ comfort and effectiveness top of mind shows management values them.

Likewise, clients, customers, and other visitors will feel more comfortable walking into a clean, well-arranged office space that looks pleasant, professional, and productive.

Replacing old office desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, and more can be a simple but powerful first step toward revitalizing your office space. 

And shopping at a used office furniture warehouse near you for high-quality, pre-owned furnishings can help you take that step without stepping outside your budget.

Shopping a Used Office Furniture Warehouse Makes Good Sense

Making your office space look and feel brand-new doesn’t mean you must buy brand-new furniture. Office managers on a budget may not have $1,500 to $2,000 per employee to spend on furnishings, especially not in the current inflationary economy.

But a used office furniture outlet offers you items at a fraction of their original price. Warehouse prices don’t include any of the furnishings’ original manufacturing, marketing, or transportation costs, so you end up paying less.

And buying cheap used office furniture near you isn’t the same as cutting corners with cheaply made furnishings.

At Commerce, for example, the inventory in our 25,000-square-foot used office furniture warehouse includes pieces from such respected brands as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Teknion, Knoll, and Allsteel. 

We acquire stock from corporate partners who have reorganized, relocated, or downsized their offices. We only accept pieces in excellent condition, ready for many more years of service in new spaces.

Your Smart Choice for Used Office Furniture in PA

Office occupancy rates from Downtown Pittsburgh to Center City Philadelphia are sharing in the national recovery trend.

If you’re responsible for furnishing a Pennsylvania office space, especially in the Delaware Valley, Commerce Office Furniture is the used office furniture outlet you need.

Our considerable, constantly changing inventory has office chairs, cubicles, filing cabinets, and more to give your office an upgrade without increasing expenses.

Plus, we offer full-service space planning with professional CAD design and layout. Our experts can help you make the most of all the square feet in your floor plan.

Make your workers’ return to the office a positive experience. Shop our used office furniture warehouse for the pieces you need, and request your free CAD layout today.