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Getting the Best Value at Office Furniture Stores in PA

Philadelphia is a fantastic place to start a new business, particularly for small entrepreneurs. With proximity to large markets and strong government support, the city is an ideal location to plan, register, operate and grow a business. But, just like anywhere else, setting up a new office can be a challenge. 

Creating a dynamic, engaging environment for employees takes more than a coffee machine and bean bag chairs; it takes strong, thoughtful design, and quality furniture. Luckily, creating your dream office is easier than you might think. Here are five important facts to know when discovering the office furniture Philadelphia has to offer.

1. Buying from a Used Office Furniture Outlet Nets You Incredible Deals.

As a business-owner, you may have heard bad things about the quality and variety found in used office furniture stores. However, the truth is used furniture liquidators can offer a wide selection of the highest quality furniture available! Commerce Office Furniture carries the likes of Herman Miller, Kimball, Haworth, Steelcase, and many more.

2. Go With a Classic Office Design. Your Employees Will Thank You.

For decades, the image of the soulless corporate office epitomized all the worst parts of work. This gave rise to the hip, attractive concept of open-concept offices. However, modern research has shown that the extra space isn’t actually an improvement. It’s noisier, less productive, and actually lowers employee morale. With careful execution, a classic design will be the best move for your business every time. 

3. Remember to Factor in Lead Time When Purchasing

Business people working at computers in a bright, warm office with a window. See through a glass divider. If you’re looking to buy new furniture, especially in 2021, you better be prepared to wait. Supply chain issues have made getting chairs, desks, and all other office essentials a nightmare in lead times. Fortunately, used office furniture in Philadelphia, PA doesn’t have this problem. Buying used office furniture from a local liquidator like Commerce Office Furniture cuts the wait time down to mere days, streamlining the process of getting a new office up and running.

4. Choosing the Right Supplier Makes Move-in and Set-Up Way Easier. 

So, you’ve chosen all the right pieces for your office. Cubicles to give your employees privacy, and a gorgeous table for the conference room. The next issue is moving it all in! Luckily, the right furniture supplier will give you all the support you need to make the process a breeze. Commerce Office Furniture offers expert move consulting and project management, letting you focus on the important stuff.  

5. Figure Out Your Layout Before You Buy 

This might seem like an obvious one, but properly pre-visualizing a workspace is a big effort, and is often overlooked. The best way to make sure an office has good flow and walkspace is creating a plan before the first piece of furniture is even shipped. To help with this, Commerce Office Furniture offers CAD design and layout service totally for free! To learn more about our incredible selection of used furniture, or the services we provide, click here to speak with one of our COF experts. Or, call us any time at (610) 650-9950.