Cheap used office furniture in empty, open office space includes cubicles, desk chairs, and office tables.

Do you want to save money by furnishing your office space with pre-owned cheap or even free office furniture near you? Considering the cost of furnishing a corporate workplace, it’s a smart idea. But casually browsing the web for used workplace furniture deals isn’t the smartest strategy.

If you’d searched Google from suburban Philadelphia, PA, late last month for “cheap used office furniture near me,” you’d have seen ads for corner office desks at Office Depot, writing desks at Big Lots, and desk chairs at Staples and Walmart.

Turning to Facebook Marketplace for office furniture, you’d have seen ads from people in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and even Wilmington, DE. They were advertising office desks, desk chairs, and file cabinets in what looked like nice condition, with asking prices ranging from free to $1,200.

How many of those sellers had the used furnishings you need in the quantities you need, and were able to fit your office space?

Some “used office furniture” results Google returned from the “big box stores” linked to new items at full retail prices, anyway.

The piecemeal approach is unlikely to pay off. So what’s your key to success with this project? 

Search for “used office furniture warehouse near me” instead. 

3 Reasons to Shop a Used Office Furniture Warehouse Near You

 Used office furniture on the ground floor of two-story open office includes tables, lamps, and mesh desk chairs. Buying what your workplace needs from a local used or discount office furniture warehouse offers several advantages over Google ads or Facebook Marketplace. 

A used office furniture warehouse near you should:

  • Offer a wide and varied selection.

A large warehouse will give you more choices because it’s in business to sell cheap used office furniture—not simply to unload unwanted pieces.

Here at Commerce Office Furniture, we’ve been selling pre-owned furniture for more than three decades. We keep our inventory large and varied by stocking our 25,000-square-foot warehouse near Philadelphia, PA, with furnishings from corporate partners that have reorganized, relocated, and downsized their offices.

  • Ensure its low-cost inventory is high quality.

A discount furniture warehouse sells pieces for cheap, but not because pieces are in “cheap” condition. Used furniture outlets can sell furnishings for less than the original retail prices because they don’t have to cover original manufacturing or transportation costs. 

Individuals selling items online may or may not have high-quality items. But here at the Commerce warehouse, we have items from leading, highly respected brands like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion, and Allsteel.

  • Provide post-purchase service to customers.

Once you’ve paid for and picked up office furniture found via Facebook Marketplace, your relationship with the seller is done. But when you buy from a quality used office furniture warehouse near you, the sale is only the beginning.

We at Commerce offer delivery and installation of your purchases. We’ll leave the area of installation in broom-swept condition. Upon request, we’ll haul your old furnishings away for you.

If you’re near Philadelphia, PA, you don’t even need to search for “cheap used office furniture near me!” Trust Commerce Office Furniture to meet your workplace furniture needs, or even your home office furniture needs, with high-quality pieces at prices that will fit your budget.

We can even help you maximize your office space before you buy. Contact us today for a free CAD layout.