Used Office Cubicle Desks

If you happen to be a leasing agent, property manager or occupy a role in the office market in King of Prussia, there is an incredible resource available to help companies increase productivity, save money and create a seamless, attractive environment. Used office cubicle desks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary, ergonomic-minded businesses and shared workspaces.

Five Benefits of Used Office Cubicle Desks You Won’t Want to Miss

Many contemporary businesses and open workspace concepts are re-embracing the cubicle. While bench-style seating with a single, expansive conference table started as a well-intentioned way to encourage collaboration, innovation and socializing, several shortcomings have come to light. Leasing agents and tenants alike are turning to cubicle desks as a way to eliminate some of the pain points of collaborative workspaces.

Check out five benefits of used office cubicle desks:

  1. Cutting Costs: One of the drawbacks of purchasing brand new cubicles is obviously the impact it has on a budget. Used office cubicles significantly reduce overhead cost, enabling leasing agents and property managers to allocate funds elsewhere.
  2. Reducing Distractions: Employees of open, shared workspaces express difficulty in concentrating due to ambient noise and distraction. In fact, in a study of 1,200 people, 53% reported feeling less productive.Used Office Cubicle Desks
  3. Stress Elimination: Some psychological research suggests that open-office work environments can induce stress as a result of frequent interruption, noise and overstimulation.
  4. Quality Furniture: Wholesalers like Commerce Office Furniture carry used office cubicle desks from manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steel Case, Haworth, Knoll and Teknion in pristine condition, but for a fraction of the cost.
  5. Privacy: Another downside to collaborative, shared workspaces can be lack of privacy. Many used office cubicle desks are equipped with high-wall design and functionality for this very purpose.

It’s important to note that while there are challenges that come with collaborative workspaces, they can still be extremely effective with the incorporation of used office cubicle desks. For scenarios in which camaraderie and innovation take precedence over privacy, incorporating cubicle desks without high-wall capability can still allow for a more open feel, while still enabling employees and small business owners to have their own designated space.

Full-Service Options to Cover All Your Furniture Needs

At Commerce Office Furniture, we are the preferred choice of used office cubicles for sale accompanied by additional convenient services including CAD design and layout, plus professional delivery and installation. In addition to offering quality used furniture, our experienced COF team is highly-skilled and practiced in helping leasing agents, property owners, facility managers and tenants in King of Prussia and surrounding areas ensure that their office environments are conducive to fit their specific needs.

We are here to help you save time and money, all while priming your office environment for productivity and privacy.

If you’d like to learn more about Commerce Office Furniture products and services, including used office cubicle desks and other used furniture options, call us today at (610) 650-9950.