used office cubicles

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” — Stephen King

While this quote may apply to literature, fashion, and other cultural categories, can we say the same for office furniture? Believe us when we respond, yes. The office cubicle is new again; rather, it is being utilized in new, productive, cost-effective ways. Learn how businesses are taking advantage of used office cubicles for improved functionality, appearance, and productivity.

Used Office Cubicles Make a New Debut as “Cubicle Clusters”

These groupings of modern office cubicles are also commonly called “cubicle clusters” and cubicle workstations. Regardless of their name, office workstation cubicles are becoming an increasingly more popular and viable element of the modern workspace.

At Commerce Office Furniture, many of our clients utilize used office cubicles from our inventory of brand names like Teknion, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Knoll to create cubicle workstations. Many businesses choose to group three to four, sometimes five individuals to work within a cubicle cluster. Groups can be comprised of teams, departments, and specialists depending on the individual needs of each business.

Check out why more companies are integrating used cubicle clusters into their office floor plan:

  • Reduce Distraction

Research demonstrates the liability attached with a purely open-space office floor plan. With constant chatter, noisy office equipment, and additional ambient background static, open floor plans affect productivity and impede privacy. Cubicle clusters do not necessarily replace the open floor concept as much as they offer a happy compromise. There can still be open space, but for times where privacy and concentration are needed, the cubicle workstation saves the day.

  • Encourage Team Dynamics

Many companies encourage some type of team collaboration. The beauty of cubicle workstations is that they can be made to accommodate several different scenarios, based on the needs of your company. Features like full versus partial partition walls, or even no walls, allow for varying degrees of discussion opportunities when necessary.

  • Comfort and Customizability

In addition to flexible dimensions, today’s used office cubicles can better satisfy the technological needs of workers while still being accessible and comfortable. This means suiting the needs of exercise balls in place of office chairs, technology outlet ports, and more of an overall modern look and design.

And, although it goes without saying, we’ll say it anyway—used office cubicles save money! A new office cubicle is costly. A used office cubicle is a fraction of the cost. This means more cubicles to place together for workstations.

More Advantages of Used Office Cubicles for Modern Spaces

The money you save from buying used instead of new office cubicles can offer plenty of wiggle room to put together more cubicle clusters. On top of that, COF can offer additional perks.

We will measure and survey your office space and draw up a layout of where and how your cubicle clusters will come together in your office space—at no charge!

If you’re a business owner, facilities or property manager, or anyone considering cubicle workstations for your modern office floor plan, one of our Commerce Office Furniture team members is available now. Contact our office to get started or call us directly at 610-650-9950.