Whether a property manager is filling a new space or is reorganizing an existing space, there are several things to consider when reviewing a selection of used office cubicles for sale. For example, what are the particular needs of the business environment and culture? What budget parameters are in place? These questions are worth investigating prior to picking out the perfect cubicles.

Five Checklist Items to Consider With Used Office Cubicles For Sale

Some shopping situations go much more smoothly when a checklist is involved. Ask any spouse who has attempted a grocery run without one. While shopping for office cubicles may not appear as essential as food, you should still conduct a diligent search and weigh certain factors against each other.

Take a look at five strategies and situations to think about before making any decisions.

  1. Shop Used, Save Money

Those in the market for office cubicles may already know they can save money by buying used, rather than new cubicles—but do you know just how much? Used office cubicles cost significantly less than if purchased brand new—often less than half.

  1. Match the Needs of Your Company Culture

Many people already have an idea of what they’re looking for when they browse office furniture selections. Shoppers tend to seek cubicles with certain dimensions and aesthetic properties, without accounting for how the furniture may impact company culture.

Recent examinations of more modern, open workspace concepts have shown danger to workplace diversity. Similarly, women and often older populations prefer to have a dedicated space that allows for a degree of privacy. Cubicles can eliminate these issues, so long as they are the right kind. Do you need partitions that are higher, or lower? Cubicles that are meant to be clustered, or independent?

  1. Delivery and Installation

Make sure to find out whether used office cubicles for sale come with delivery and installation options. At Commerce Office Furniture, we offer both services.

  1. Design Assistance

COF can also help companies create an optimal layout for cubicle clusters and cubicle workstations—FREE of charge. Busy facilities managers and property owners don’t always have time to conceptualize office design, but our experts do!

  1. Quality Products

There is a misconception that buying used means compromising quality. To avoid this fate, do your homework. Make sure whoever is supplying your cubicles offers a range of sizes and styles that are in top condition has enough inventory to supply the needs of your office space.

COF routinely stocks our warehouses with nationally-recognized name brands, such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion. Our used inventory often appears as if it’s brand new.

Checklist, Done—Next Steps

Commerce Office Furniture is known as a national leader in supplying quality, used office furniture. Our mission is to provide the largest selection of used, name-brand office furniture at a fraction of the original price. In addition to insider tips on saving money and utilizing your workplace effectively, we ensure the process of purchase, delivery, and installation with us is as seamless as possible.

To acquire top-quality used office cubicles for your office space, contact us here to get started or give us a call at 610-650-9950.