Used Office Cubicles Liquidation

Urban legends and myths have become an integral component of American culture. While perhaps not as common as the idea of a hook-wielding mythical man and other prevailing legends, there are several doubts and legends surrounding office cubicles—from used office cubicles liquidation to the constrictive, oppressing nature of cubicles. We’re here to clarify fact from fiction when it comes to the office cubicle.

Demystifying Used Office Cubicles Liquidation, and Other Myths and Doubts

Since its conception in 1964 by Herman Miller designer Robert Propst, the office cubicle has not only received both acclaim and criticism throughout the decades, but has also become somewhat of a pop-culture phenomenon. From books to movies, the office cubicle has elicited both praise and doubt. Let’s take a look at some common misnomers surrounding the office workstation cubiclesUsed Office Cubicles Liquidation

  1. Office Cubicles Trap Employees
  2. As collaborative and open-workspace concepts began to become more mainstream, so did the myth that office cubicles were oppressive and depressive boxes. Studies have shown, however, that cubicles can counter the negative effects of interruption, distracting noises and privacy. Additionally, research has shown that open-bench work environments can actually reduce productivity.
  1. Used Office Cubicles are Shabby
  2. On the contrary! Most used office cubicles liquidation agents provide quality, gently used options. At Commerce Office Furniture, our liquidated modern office cubicles come in top-brands including Herman Miller, Teknion, Knoll, Kimball and more.
  1. Used Office Cubicles Liquidation is a Pricey Commodity
  2. Not with COF! We actually save businesses, start-ups and leasing agents time and money by going directly to the location to retrieve used cubicles in need of liquidation. Buyers benefit from our ability to offer high-quality office cubicles at a reduced cost.
  1. Office Cubicles are Old School
  2. Remember that old adage, “What’s old is new and what’s new will be old?” Many experts in fashion never suspected that scrunchies would resurface, but they did! Similarly, the office cubicle is back to being more of a commodity today, as companies become more aware of what employees are seeking. While collaboration and the open exchange of ideas are preferable for many work models, the desire for some level of autonomy, privacy and ownership of space remains largely important to the modern worker—and this is something an office cubicle’s design can provide.
  1. Office Cubicles Don’t Encourage Ergonomic Design
  2. Actually, while cubicles provide workers with the designated workspace they crave, they can also accommodate creativity in terms of arrangement/design that modern employees prefer. Cubicle clusters, for example, can be grouped and housed to support like-minded and specific occupations. By utilizing a low-panel office cubicle, these clusters encourage innovation and open communication, while still offering co-workers their individual space.

What’s Next?

Whether you’re in need of used office cubicles liquidation or are a buyer interested in acquiring office cubicles to modify and modernize your workspace, COF is here to help. If you still have doubts as to whether office cubicles are right for your workspace, we welcome a conversation with you.

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