Used Office Cubicles

In a recent study, over half of American workers reported an inability to work in a group setting without interruption. While open-space, collaborative work environments have been touted as “the workspace of the future,” the facts support desires and needs that frame a different opinion. Although there are many positives to collaborative workspaces, leasing agents, facilities managers and brokers may want to branch out and be more creative. Used office desks and cubicles, for example, can significantly remedy many of the pain points that arise from an open workspace. Learn more ways to make open office design work—for everyone.

Encouraging Creativity & Solving Disruption with Used Office Desks

“Disruption,” has become a trendy token phrase for creating defined change—disrupting the market and/or industry. When it comes to disrupting productivity, the phrase loses luster in its modern context. Sadly, multiple studies show the negative impacts that shared workspaces can conjure from constant disruption in ambient noise, drop-ins from co-workers and passerby, lack of privacy and even insufficient space to work. Used Office Cubicles

Despite these studies, it’s easy to understand the appeal of collaborative workspaces. Open-floor plans can provide a sense of continuity, innovation and camaraderie that may get lost in translation in more primitive types of traditional offices. Is it possible, in light of two conflicting schools of thought in office design, to somehow meet in the middle? Sure!

At Commerce Office Furniture, we help companies improve the functionality of their office spaces without compromising productivity, quality or budget restrictions. As a source for high-quality, reasonably priced used office furniture in Philadelphia, we help companies get creative with the incorporation of used office desks and cubicles to eliminate some of the problematic issues of modern office design. We can offer other solutions as well.

Used Office Cubicle Desks, Signaling and Hot-Desk Seating

While incorporating used office desks and cubicles (with or without high-wall functionality) offers office design elements that encourage private workspaces, discourage interruption and allow plenty of individual room to work, there’s another huge advantage of used office furniture that PA leasing agents appreciate: significant savings. At COF, for example, we offer a variety of high-quality used furniture, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Kimball, Allsteel, Knoll, and Teknion, at half the cost.

In addition to incorporating used office cubicles and desks into a modern-design office, here are a few more ideas that will encourage collaboration while also honoring privacy and promoting productivity:

  • Flowlight System
  • Not only is this the perfect workplace “stoplight,” Flowlight is also so intuitive that it knows when to signal co-workers that you’re in a good workflow without having to flip a manual switch. Place it on a cubicle to let others know they gotta go!
  • Designated Hot-Desk Seating
  • Hot-desk seating allows those who aren’t in a cubicle mood to pop in-and-out of a bench-style work area. At COF, you can acquire a used conference table for a great price. Designate an area to appease workers seeking an open feel, but away from others who need to concentrate.
  • Modern Water Cooler
  • Set up a sweet landing pad designed for breaks and chatting, preferably away from the center point of workers. Use the funds you saved from purchasing used office desks to create an espresso bar/Keurig station, and maybe even spring for a massage chair.

For more ideas on how to design used office cubicles and desks to prime your office for privacy all while fulfilling the spirit of collaboration and creativity, reach out to one of our professional Commerce Office Furniture experts today at (610) 650-9950.